08 Nov 13

Spa grooming for Fluffy ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Every time you leave the salon feel beautiful, your hair is amazing to the touch, style is fantastic and you just feel so much better – and now you also have the product from your stylist to use until your next visit to keep your hair feeling luxoruious.  Wouldn’t that be great if you had the same product for your dog for inbetween their grooming visit?  We all know some of our dogs may not like a bath or visit to a groomer, but we also know how our pups strutt their stuff afterwards too.  How cute it is when your pup is prancing around and feeling good after being groomed!

Here are really great grooming tips from Dog Fashion Spa, and check out their product line on their website as they are having a free paw brush promotion with every purchase until November 23, 2013! Now you have no reason for you dog to look and smell great inbewteen grooming visits:

Regular grooming is important. Just like humans, dogs and their owners must understand best hygiene practices to avoid matted fur, ear, teeth, and eye infections, and buildup of dirt and bacteria. Grooming does not have to be a chore! Keeping your dog clean can easily be a pleasant and bonding experience with the right tools and knowledge. The 50-60% of dog owners who allow their dogs to sleep in their beds are especially encouraged to keep their pets clean as compared to dogs who spend the majority of their days outdoors and do not need as much grooming. Sharing couches and other surfaces is a major reason to keep both your dog and your home clean and minimize the risk to lowered or compromised immune systems.
One of the easiest things to do daily is to check and clean  your dogs eyes. Dog Fashion spa’s gentle cleansing eye  pads are perfect for safely disinfecting and gently cleaning  around your dog’s eyes. Inspecting your dog’s eyes daily is a  great way to examine the health of your dog and to quickly c  catch any potential illnesses before they progress. If you  notice anything unusual or abnormal about your dog’s eyes,  please do not hesitate to consult your veterinary  professional. Even if the eyes look bright and healthy, cleaning around them daily with gentle pads instead of potentially scratchy paper towels or tissues goes a long way.

Before washing or bathing, always brush your dog’s coat thoroughly to keep unmanageable matting at bay. Trim any large mats but don’t be afraid to consult a grooming professional if you are unsure or feel overwhelmed by any excess knotting.

After the coat is properly brushed, use all-natural dog shampoo and always follow with a dog conditioner.

Dog Fashion’s signature shampoo & conditioner are simple to use. Our shampoo does not contain harsh ingredients, formulated without sulfate, paraben, synthetic dye, and gmo. It’s special, toxin-free formula is also designed to combat free radicals. After dampening your dog’s coat, thoroughly lather and massage shampoo gently into fur, and rinse off well before repeating with conditioner.

When used together, DFspa shampoo and conditioner complement each other for a gorgeous, healthy, and shiny coat. Many groomers only use shampoo. Much like human hair, washing with shampoo only leaves fur dry and more prone to mats and knots. Conditioner is the key to a noticeably healthy shine. It’s important to rinse your dog’s fur clean of product before and after application of both shampoo and conditioner to avoid buildup and to achieve maximum results.

It’s actually possible to wash your dog TOO much. It’s recommended to only bathe your dog once every two weeks, and no more than twice a month. Just like humans, dog’s have essential oils that naturally occur in their fur, much like our skin, and we have to let the body do it’s job! To keep your dog’s coat smelling and feeling fresh in between bathing, use Dog Fashion spa’s coat + skins lotions.

Dog Fashion Spa semplice and rilassante lotions gently moisturize and condition the coat while replenishing the essential, naturally-occurring nutrients lost through natural activity and play. While some human dry shampoos and conditioners are heavy and leave our hair feeling oily, Dog Fashion’s lotions are non-greasy and light, infused with flower and plant extracts for natural hydration. Lavender and chamomile are an added bonus, as they are naturally relaxing aromas. Like any spa experience, our products were designed to create a soothing experience mentally and physically.

The coat + skin lotions are easily applied. Just massage a small amount into your dog’s fur and brush through to distribute evenly, and it can be doubled as a leave-on conditioner after use of our shampoo.

Another way to keep that spa-fresh feeling between grooming sessions is Dog Fashion’s signature fragrances for him and her, maschio and femmina. Each fragrance was designed specifically for male and female dogs and are completely safe to use and non-toxic.

Maschio embodies masculinity and relaxed sophistication and can be enjoyed by you and your dog, with universally pleasing notes of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, marine accord, amber, and musk.

Femmina is a floral bouquet of jasmine, violet, lemon, yang, tiara accord, and musk that is luxurious but not overpowering. To use our signature fragrances, spray on your dog’s withers and away from his or her face.

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