26 Nov 13

Better with pets, absolutely! ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

This past Tuesday, November 19, 2013 I had the pleasure of being invited to the day long ‘Better With Pets‘ summit – an invite only event hosted by Purina that had a line up of fantastic speakers in the pet industry.  Held at the Florence Guold Hall in New York City, it was a packed house of pet professionals,  pet bloggers, pet celebrities and a few furry four legged guests.  Not knowing what to expect on this first-ever summit, I was pleasantly surprised and loved every minute of it.  It was unlike any other pet event I have been too, and showcased the dedication, love, passion for pets each speaker (and each person in the audience) has.

Admittidly I was a few minutes late getting there, NYC traffic anyone? And how nice to be at an event like this in the city where I didn’t have to travel too far! And upon walking in was suprised to see so many people there.  It was great to see my NYC pet pro friends and bloggers from across the country that I see at other events.

The entire event was emceed by media legend John Hockenberry – who did just a fantastic job throughout the day.
The first speaker was Dr. Brian Hare (above) who spoke about our dog’s amazing cognitive abilities.

Throughout the day we heard from speakers like Beth Stern, Dr. Marty Becker, delighted by the musings, video and drawings of Simon Tofield (we laughed until tears were coming down our cheeks!).  Mike Rugnetta super fast talking presentation that was funny and informative too.

We also heard incredibile stories from Dr. Arleigh Reynolds who won the GCI Open North American Championship sled dog race in Fairbanks, Alaska.  He told us how to this day that the most economical way to travel in Alaska is by dog sled and that blueberries in Alaska have the most antioxidents in the world due to the long sun exposure in the summer months there.

The day long event was also filled with breaks throughout, lunch and a ‘Dad & Dogs: A co-evolution’ play performed by dancers.

If you missed the event, you are in luck as Purina will be putting the video’s on their website on December 3, 2013 and you can watch each speaker.

I really hope they do it again next year, as it was a great day of information, entertainment, networking and lovely to be a part of it.

For more pictures from the event click here!

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