18 Dec 13

Is your pet’s Microchip regist ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,  LIPetPlace.com

A common misconception among pet owners is that having your pets microchipped, that once the dog or cat is chipped, then your pet is protected.  If your pet ever gets lost, the microchip will help bring your beloved pet back to you.  Yes, the microchip has brought countless pets back to their owners – we have all read the amazing stories of pets being reunited after long journeys all because of the microchip.   Did you know how many pets are microchipped – but their pet parents fail to register them?

I know you might be sitting there reading this, saying, “What? I thought the rescue I adopted Buddy from registered him?”  Or, “I thought when I got him from the animal shelter they registered him with my info before I left with him.”  Nope.  Wait let me say that louder NOPE!

Many pets go missing especially during the holidays – and while the pet may be microchipped, more often than not, if they are found by a good samaratin and brought to an animal shelter or veterianarian office to be scanned for a microchip – and the chip is not registered.   So the shelter then has no idea who the pet belongs to and most shelters after a 7-day hold on the pet, the pet is then put up for adoption.

“Puppies that people purchase at a pet stores – or adopt from a private rescue group, may be microchipped already – but you need to register your new pet with your information, immediately,” said Joanne Daly, Shelter Supervisor of the Town of Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center.  ”You are usually given paper work from a rescue group, animal shelter or pet store with what company the pet’s microchip is registed with, new pet owners need to call that company and have the microchip put under their name.  We chip our pets here, and put the information in the adoption packet and on the number of the chip on the medical records to so that when the pet owner brings their newly adopted pet to the vet, the vet also has the microchip info.”

So what to do?  You need to register your pet with a microchip company.  Putting in your information, means putting in your most up to date info.  Most people keep the same cell phone number, so having that in there would be my first choice.  And also your home number and alternate number just in case they can reach you at the first number.

When I asked how common is it for a dog to be brought to the animal shelter with a microchip that is not registered,  Ms. Daly answered, ” It happens quite often.”

Now most vet offices and animal shelters have a universal scanner to detect all types of microchips, which makes it much easier for your pet to be identified.  Joanne said, “We have even picked up dogs that are microchipped overseas with our universal scanner.  We always scan any animal brought in twice at our shelter to insure it was not missed if the pet is chipped.”

Here are some companies you can look into on microchipping your pet.


www.avidid.com – microchipping company


www.24petwatch.com – 24PetWatch’s Lost Pet Recovery is there to not only identify your pet, but to reunite you as soon as they’re found. Thanks to 24PetWatch’s microchip, you can be reunited safely and quickly.


Joanne Daly also said, “Cats too should be micropped, even if they are an indoor cat, accidents happen and indoor cats do get outside.”

If your pet is not microchipped, most animal shelters can microchip your pet, as well as rescue groups and even your vet’s office may provide the service.  A lot of private rescue groups also offer low cost microchipping on a regular basis.

If you’re pet is lost, and he does not have a collar with ID tags or a microchip, the first thing you should do is contact your local town municipal shelter and let them know, and if you can bring them a picture with all your appropriate contact info.  I would also contact the privately owned animal shelters too – to let them know your pet is missing, send them a picture, age if the the pet is on meds, etc.

Social media has exploded over recent years with ‘Lost and Found pages on Facebook’.  Look in your local area, town, city, state to see if there is one set up for you.  Post the picture of your pet, where and when he was lost, if the pet is in need of meds, friendly, nervous around strangers, etc.  This will be very helpful in finding your pet.

On Long Island – https://www.facebook.com/Lostandfound.petslongisland

In Queens – https://www.facebook.com/QueensLostandFoundPets

In Staten Island https://www.facebook.com/lostand.statenisland?fref=ts

Missing Pets USA

Another website that is very helpful is Pet Amber Alert, they offer many services to help you recover your pet if gone missing, even putting out a phone call to thousands in your surrounding neighborhood letting your community know a pet is missing.

You can also easliy search Facebook for pages near where you live for similar pages. Craigslist is another popular site to post your missing pet in the pets section where you live. And the good old fashioned way of posting fliers around your neighborhood with photo, and contact number for someone to call you if they have your pet.

Bottom line? If your pet is microchipped, stop what you are doing and make sure your pet is registered with you!

Thanks to Laura Jeane and Gus who inspired this article!

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