16 Nov 14

How to help animal rescues ...

By Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Over the past couple of weeks LIPetPlace.com has visited, (or re-visited in some cases), some of our municipal animal shelters, private animal rescues and attended an adoptathon this past weekend.  While I am not in the trenches of rescue like so many wonderful people here are – I do what I can.  I donate what I can.  Whether that donation is time, promotion of animals in need of homes via the Pet Events Newsletter or on social media, or by connecting people who I think would be a great match, through product donations and monetary donations.  If you are able to do one thing a day, a week, or one thing a month – it will help.  The needs of the animals in rescue is a daily commitment – and our rescues could use your help.   Many adoptable dogs, cats, horses and other pets who sit waiting for a home in our LI shelters.  Some have been in our shelters for 2, 3, 4 and even met at dog that has been in a shelter 6 years.  6 years.

While visiting the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter recently, and getting the full tour from Dr. Bob Slifkin of The Shelter Connection, (the non-profit volunteer group that works with the shelter), - it is a great animal shelter.  It is very clean, they have fantastic programs training dogs getting them ready for their forever homes, their have a good adoption rate, nature trails that the dogs get to go on walks or play groups in, a room that is like a room you would find in a home for dogs to get adjusted to and more.  But it is still a shelter – and there are a lot of great dogs waiting there.   The day I visited there were 2 German Shepards, a Beagle (there is always a Beagle at every shelter!), a little white poodle (who was scared out of it’s mind, poor thing), a Yorkie, a Bulldog (was just adopted), a Husky, 2 Cane Corsos (goregous and friendly), a Pointer mix (who was so sweet), and beautiful Pit Bulls and pit mixes – who the majority were wiggle butts, calm, sat when asked.  Bob told me a lot of the dogs personalities and, “while that dog may be barking, once out of the kennel – the best dog.”  About another pit bull Prince – there 2 years, Bob said, “That is the best trained dog in the kennel, and incredibly smart,” – and guess what, Prince is a Pit Bull.

This scruffy little guy was at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter – go there to see if he is still waiting for a home!

Prince – so sweet, calm and at the shelter for 2 years.

So how can you help?

What can you do if you can’t adopt or foster?

  • Maybe you can volunteer at a local shelter to help walk a dog, or put your skills to use.  Often times animal rescue groups need people to volunteer their professional skills – and not be another dog walker.
  • My suggestion, is contact a local rescue – how can you help?  What skills are they looking for?  Go to a volunteer orientation.  I have a friend who is a mom of 6-year old triplets and makes the time to go 2-days a week to volunteer at the shelter and attends events when she can!  Maybe the rescue needs help with their social media pages, website, grant writing, public relations, or needs product donations – perhaps you could be the facilitator to help them get more of their needs met.
  • Are you a teacher?  Maybe one of your school projects could be collecting donations that your local animal shelter or rescue group needs.  Contact the shelter near you and find out what they need help with.
  • Are you a carpenter?  Maybe the local animal shelter needs houses for the feral cats they take care of, or the horse rescue needs repairs at their barn.
  • Love taking photo’s?  Animal rescues are always happy to work with a great photographer to capture the essence of the pets for adoption.

There are so many ways to help, and the help needed is endless.

This handsome fella is available for adoption at ARF (Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons).

Brooklyn who is available at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shetler.  Brooklyn, what can I say, what a sweet, calm, smart and beautiful dog.  He sat for this photo before I even had the chance to ask him to sit.    He has been at the shelter for about 2 years.

Squeaky a sweet cuddle bug who is available for adoption at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons.  He has been there about a year.

Emmy – OMD (That’s Oh My Dog!) What a sweetheart!! She is at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. She likes people and dogs, and while she may have barked while in her crate at the adoption, once out – super calm and oh so sweet.  She just met me and let me put this coat on her! (Who knew it was going to fit her perfectly and I think Purple is her color don’t you!)  She also is small – so if you looking for pint sized wiggle butt – here ya go! (Black dogs get over looked the most at shelters.)

This little peanut mixed breed is at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter – again another sweet dog!

This adorable fella is up for adoption at the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter – a shelter that is bursting at the seems with dogs.

BRUCE!!! Love, love, love this goofball of a dog!  The only reason Bruce barked at all in his cage, is because he wanted attention.  When I sat next to him while he was barking, I said, “You’re a big phony baloney aren’t you? You silly phony baloney!” And with that he flopped on his side, and was non-stop waggin his tail.  See another picture of him below.  He is not big, not sure what he is mix with – we were guessing Bull Mastiff and Beagle! He is available at the Town of Hempsead Animal Shelter.  Likes dogs and people.

To see many more pictures, please Click here!

And let us know how you help by posting a comment!  Or if you are rescue what your needs are.
A big thanks to ARF for putting on the adoption event over the weekend – to their staff and volunteers and a big thanks to all the volunteers who are out there day after day helping!

Squeakys paw by the way – he was a love bug!

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