23 Dec 14

Pawing it forward during the holiday ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

How do you paw it forward?  Personally, I like to bake Christmas cookies during the holidays, but I used to bake healthy dog treats for years for my own dogs.  When I got the adorable Paw it Forward cookie cutters for our American Pet Professionals Holiday Party to put in the goody bags, I was inspired to paw it forward more.  So last night instead of baking another round of cookies for people, you guessed it – lots of dog cookies were rolled out, baked and packaged up.  The number one cookies my dogs loved were, PeaMutt Butter & Honey treats, so that is what you see pictured below.  Today I will be going to a couple of local animal shelters so the dogs there can enjoy a holiday treat.

Let the cookie cutting begin!

The adogable Paw it Forward cookie cutter!

Mix up your shapes for fun – and if you have holiday themed cutters add those too!

For your best baking results, use parchment paper to line the cookie trays.  I also baked these at 325 degrees and a little longer so they would be nice and crunchy for the pups!

The finished product, ready to go the animal shelter!  6 bags in total of yummy dog treats made with human grade and organic ingredients – like all dogs should be getting!

Hope to have pictures of some of the shelter dogs crunching on the treats later.

In the meantime, please share with us, how do you Paw it Forward? (Comment below!)

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