19 Nov 15

USA Made Dog Treats Cody Loves! ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Made in the USA Dog treats Cody loves, and mom approved!

Being in the pet industry for a long time, I see a ton of pet products on a regular basis and dog treats of all kinds – and the treat market is booming and seemingly not slowing down.  Being very picky of what I feed my dog Cody, here’s a list of treats that I approve of that are Made in the USA, made with great USA sourced ingredients, and some even serve a purpose.  Cody literally drools big time when he is patiently waiting to nosh on any one of these treats below!  In no particular order:

The SmartCookee Company PB’N Jelly Time - just too darn cute, right? Also, a 1 calorie treat – how cool is that? SmartCookee’s founder is passionate about feeding dogs treats that are of high quality and low in calorie.  Many pets across this country are sadly overweight and this is a really great option if you are doing training and/or just can’t resist those puppy dog eyes begging you for just one more treat.  Made with organic and natural ingredients and also chia seeds to help aid in digestion. Flavors include ‘The Great Pumpkin,’ ‘I Yam what I Yam,’ ‘Peas and Carrots’ and there are even holiday treats available now too.  You can see from the pictures below Cody could not wait for me to open this package!

Look Who’s Happy, yup you can tell from this picture below Cody is loving Look Who’s Happy treats. I literally have to hide these treats because Cody can sniff them out!  Look Who’s Happy has a few different line of treats – but the ones picture here are the Happy Wraps.  Cody has been loving all of the flavors picture, Carrot with Chicken recipe, Carrot with Turkey recipe and Sweet Potato with Turkey recipe.  Made with whole muscle chicken, and they contain no by-products, fillers or artificial perserveratives, flavors or colors added.  You can clearly see the carrot and the chicken in the treats.  They are also grain and gluten free. And of course made here in the USA at their family owned plant.  Cody is very happy!

Scout & Zoes has many different products, all sourced and made right here in the USA – and pictured below is a recent contest I held, “Where in the World is Cody” in which Sue Johnson correctly guessed where he was.  She won the Purple Sweet Potato Slabs and Venison Jerky treats.  Sue said, “Jake loves the sweet potato treats, and I can’t believe it because he normally doesn’t like sweet potato at all.”  She told me he of course also loves the venison treats.  Cody did not want to part with Jake’s prize when I handed it to Sue, can’t really blame him!  Visit their website to see the many great products for your pets as they also make treats and products for cats, birds, horses and small animals.

Doggables Dog Scoops are a uniquely shaped cookie that actually serve a purpose. Not wanting to use traditional pockets to give her dog a pill, the founder of the company came up with making an all natural edible scoop in 2 different sizes.  You can use them to administer medication to your dog by hiding it in peanut butter or pumpkin with the scoop – and your dog can eat the entire scoop, handle an all.  Or if you need to give a crated dog medication you can also use the scoop to feed him through the crate.  They have a larger size for big dogs and mini for the small pups, you can see below.  I am going to use these to start giving Cody his fish oil capsules, he loves them just as a treat, but I love what the purpose if for too.  Made with incredible ingredients like: coconut oil, flax seed, barley, salmon oil, pumpkin, oatmeal, cinnamon and peanut butter.  They come in 2 flavors: Pumpkinable and Peanutbutterable.

Halo Live-a-Littles (Cats love these too), ok so I have dubbed this for a long time as ‘Doggie and Kitty crack’ maybe not he best description, but I am telling you once your pet tries these they will be hooked!  I once had a client who’s cat I took care of and she introduced me to these – her cats went bananas for them, and I kid you not using these treats I trained her cat to sit on command, just like a dog for the treat.  If you own a cat you know that is not the norm!  Live-a-littles are freeze dried treats thac come in chicken, salmon or beef.  All sourced and made here in the USA. And if you have a fincky eater these treats crumble very easily – it could be used as that incentive for them to eat their food.  Cody loves them and I am using as a great training tool for him knowing it’s a great high protein snack.

When feeding any treats to your pets, be sure if you give them a lot during the day, (whether you’re doing training or feeling guilty for working so much), be sure to deduct that same amount of their regular food.  We love giving our pups treats, but if you don’t account for all the treats during the day – you could add unwanted extra lbs on your pup, and nobody wants that!

And as a side note, I do not feed my dog: pigs ears, rawhide, hooves, antlers, chicken feet or anything along those lines.  I even stopped giving him bully sticks as his belly didn’t do too well after eating one a few months ago.   It’s a personal choice to not feed him the random body parts of animals – there are too many concerns for blockages if a he didn’t chew a pigs ear enough or a piece of something that broke off that he was chewing on.  I know many dog owners swear by the antlers – again it is just a personal choice.

I do give him big heavy marrow bones – that I get from a health food store, (same place I have been buying them for 20 years), and of course he is montitored while getting all that marrow out – and the bones are sourced and processed from right here in the USA.  These marrow bones never break, splinter or get worn down too much – he loves to get his chew on – and he gets a new one monthly. (Helps keep his teeth clean too!)

All of the treats mentioned above were supplied to us for this pet product review, all reviews are honest and if we didn’t like something we would tell you!

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