09 Feb 16

7 Lovely Valentine’s Day Pet P ...

By Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Our list of gifts that you and your pet will LOVE this Valentine’s Day!

Recently I received the Travel Blanket from Original Territory for my dog Cody – and for someone who has been in the pet industry for a while, this is something I have not seen before!  It makes such a great gift for a dog parent because it’s 2 in 1 functions, but also because it’s useful for both you and your dog.  The Travel Blanket starts out as a bag with handles and pockets where you could put items like dog treats, water, sunscreen, bug spray, water bottle, etc. and take it with you on a hike, to the beach or where ever you are going with your dog.  When you get to your location, you can take the items out, undo the velcro holding the bag together and open up and like magic you now have a soft blanket to sit on. The back side is waterproof – so if you’re on a beach that the sand may be wet or the ground on your hike is a little damp – you won’t get wet while sitting on the blanket!  How cool is that.  I can’t wait to use it this spring, summer and fall to bring with me on one of Cody’s Adventures.  The Travel Blanket is available on Target.com – and Original Territory has many other fab pet products that you can purchase for your furry valentine as well. You can see a video from Titus and Hailey about the blanket here and even a big beautiful dog like Bocker the labradoodle fits perfectly on it – check out Bocker’s pictures here.

And don’t forget to get your pup delish dog treats for Valentine’s day – they may not be in the shape of a heart but your dog will love these Made in the USA healthy treats from Kaleb’s Organics.  Your pooch will fall head over paws for Kaleb’s Organics Dog Treats!  Kaleb’s offer wholesome ingredients, great taste, and are USDA Certified Organic and you can even eat them yourself.  Available in a variety of delicious flavors, Kaleb’s are made using all natural ingredients and no preservatives. The ingredients in each treat provide numerous health benefits for our animal companions and are Non-GMO Project Verified.  Your dog may be eating better than you on Valentine’s day!

Your dog will be thirsty after crunching down those yummy treats so why not give him filtered water from the new innovative Torus water bowls by Heyrex Limited.  Pretty to look at with their modern design, these bowls are more than just a pretty face!  Use them at home as your pet’s regular water bowls, but they also have a lock, fill and drink function making it ideal for travel as well.  Holding up to 2 liters of water in their reservoir walls, filtering the water as it automatically dispenses.  Its large capacity means less filling and low profile means less spills.  These bowls come in 2 liter and 1 liter sizes perfect for big and small pets and you have to love all the colors they come in!  To get yours, you can purchase simply on Amazon.com.

After drinking all that water and maybe you’re not home in time to let your dog out – here’s the perfect solution UGODOG, the #1 indoor dog potty training system. The UGODOG is environmentally friendly, keeps paws dry, easy to use, absorbent liners are reusable and biodegradable, we love that!  Plus you purchase one you will get a free training manual with your UGODOG.  This also a perfect solution to pads laying around your house and those days when perhaps the elevator is working in your high rise apartment building.  UGODOG can change the way you think about potty training your dogs and it is also light weigth and portable so you can bring it with you.  To get yours you can simply click here or call 1-888-405-7499 for more info.

Here’s another simple, yet brilliant solution to leaving your sliding glass doors open so your pets can go in and out.  You know what I am talking about!  Treat your dog or cat to an Apartment Pet Door™ by Balcony Pets solves the problem of you having to leave your sliders open.  It is a non-permanent pet door that is adjustable and pops right into the track of your sliding glass doors.  One of those, why didn’t I think of that ideas!  Created by Nancy Carson who didn’t want to leave her doors open all the time yet give her pets the ability to go in-and-out without having to install a traditional doggie door or having to get up everytime her pet was pawing at the door to go in the yard.  It’s simple to put together, snaps together in minutes, installs without tools or expertise from a handy person, drops into the tracks of your sliders and works with any height sliding glass door.  You can take this mobile pet door with you when you move or travel.  You’ll love the convenience and also the energy you save by not leaving the door open!  Check out the video about it here, and to get your own or your sweetheart one for their pet click here.

While your pet is enjoying going in and out, make sure that they have proper ID on them and keep your dog or cat safe and sound with a Twigo LOVE Tag!  Perfect for the furry love you own, Twigo Tags are a fun way to add that ID tage to your pets collar and also not have to hear that jingling either. Pet safety should be at the top of all pet owners’ priority list. A Twigo LOVE Tag is perfect for spreading pet identification awareness in a simple and stylish way this Valentine’s Day. Twigo Tags require no engraving and are instantly personalize-able with a ballpoint pen – simply write, boil and wear. The tags self-attach and are completely silent, ideal for those who dislike the jingling noise and remove their pet’s tags while inside the house.  To get yours click here.

After all the adventures with your pup, the romping in the yard, hikes and playing in the snow – you may notice that your dog is not smelling to lovely!  Time for a bath – and to make his fur super soft and sweet smelling you will want to try ECO Dog Care Pet Products Simply Clean Dog Shampoo.  Recently I got a bottle of this dog shampoo and gave Cody a bath – and not only did he smell great, he was soft and silky and even stopped scratching! (He has some seasonal allergies).  There is also and in-between spray called Simpy Fresh that you can use – and what I love about it is it is environmentally friendly, Made in the USA and with all natural ingredients.  Simply Fresh also naturally repels pests like fleas and ticks so they stay off your dog and out of your car & house – yes, love that!

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