Why LIPetPlace.com? There was never a website or blog that was completely dedicated to everything about pets, and ALL pets – not just cats and dogs – across Long Island.  Until that is LIPetPlace.com was born!

LIPetPlace.com along with Long Island Pet Professionals are the ONLY resources for everything Pets here on Long Island! We have amazing pet professional members who help contribute to our articles to help educate, enlighten and bring joy to our readers!

LIPetPlace.com has been up and running for 4+ years, recognized by the pet industry countless times since our first article was published!  We have sponsored many major events both right here on LI, NYC and even many places out of state!

We have helped many, many animal rescue groups and shelters over the years by covering their events, giving them much needed promotion, donations and we will continue do to so!

LIPetPlace.com covers local pet and nature events; our local pet experts contribute fun, informative and educational articles – pet experts who you can actually contact, go to their establishment, meet in person to learn more about a certain topic they cover.  You can’t do that with any national pet sites.  Our pet experts are literally in your own backyard and have dedicated their lives to our pets.  We are thrilled to have them!

Our weekly Pet Events Newsletter brings you all the pet events happening here on Long Island, NYC, NJ & CT too.

Check out our growing LI Pet TV!  (Want to be featured, or have a story idea?  Email us, we’ll consider it.) We will be bringing you the best featured pet products and where you can find them locally and so much more!

LIPetPlace also features a weekly LI Pet Mascot on our Facebook page too!  Every Sunday a new pet is posted, so be sure to check out our Facebook page and like us there too!

Never before was the idea of keeping it local been applied to our pet community like this – we hope you enjoy every moment of your visit to LIPetPlace.com!

We are also very proud to be a GREEN and environmently friendly publication by being an online magazine and the best resource for pet owners here on Long Island.

Nancy E. Hassel
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, and
President & Founder of Long Island Pet Professionals, LLC
Also a contributing writer for: Pet Age Magazine; Hamptons Pets Magazine; Long Island Press’s ‘Pet Press’; NextStop Magazine; Anton News; Long Island Pets Examiner and Boating Times.

Featured in Pet Age Magazine; Pet Product News International; USA Today; Newsdsay; Hamptons Pet; News 12; Fios1 TV; CBS’s The Couch; Pet Gazette; Gem Magazine and numerous other publications!

Max, Furever in our hearts.
July 1, 2001 – June 8, 2014

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