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23 Apr 13

Historically Dog Friendly ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

This past Sunday, the friends of Sagamore Hill hosted their first ‘Dog Day’ as part of the celebration of National Park Week – it was hosted at the beautiful grounds of the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. From 11am until 4pm dog owners romped the grounds, posed for pictures. watched the performances of Jilli Dog, learned about LI Dog and participated inthe ‘dog fur’ contest.  There was also a comfort station for the pups and even yummy dog treats being made on site.

Beautiful grounds to walk with your dog

Sagamore Hill Historic Site was former home of President Teddy Roosevelt and his family willed it to the National Park Service with the condition of always having it be accessible to dog owners too. The Roosevelt’s had many dogs and other animals on the historic site in the sixty years there. It is a treasure, in beautiful Oyster Bay. You may have read that the historic home is under renovation – but the rest of the grounds are open to walk your dog. Also, the museum is open, visitor center as well. If you are looking for somewhere to go with your dog that is different, and a step out of history – head to Sagamore Hill you and your dog will absolutely love it! Scroll down for link to tons of pictures – maybe your dog is in them!

Dogs big and small loving dog days, hanging out in the barn.

Sagamore Hill is located at:
12 Sagamore Hill Road
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

For MORE Pictures click here!

Would love to know your favorite place to walk your dog, leave a comment below!

Gus posing in the flowers at Sagamore Hill!

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17 May 11

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Festive Fun at Fido Fitness!

This coming weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 21st and May 22nd from 11am – 4pm each day, Fido Fitness Club will be hosting a ‘Grand Opening Celebration, Street Fair and Adopt-a-thon’ at their location in Woodmere, NY.  This free canine and community event will feature something for everyone in your family, from your four legged fur-kids to your two legged less furry kids.  This festive event will include activities such as: pet, craft and other vendors; pet photography; raffles; training and agility demos throughout both days, (that’s for the dogs!); Low-cost micro chipping; music; balloons and face painting for the human kids; food; animal communication and Reiki sessions; educational information by children’s emergency services and a even silent art auction to help a local dog injured in a recent tragic car accident.

Dog owners in the area and from surrounding areas are encouraged to come by and tour the new indoor dog park, meet other dog owners in the community and see what Fido Fitness Club has to offer – and maybe even adopt a new four-legged family member.  While this event is free to attend, any and all proceeds or donations from the event will go directly to Tavi & Friends a local area non-for-profit animal rescue group.

Co-owners, Ellen Adler and Evelyn Franklin, of Fido Fitness Club wanted to have an event that would be a fun community event bringing together local dog owners and their families, but also wanted to help out a local rescue group.  “We are so passionate about our dogs and all pets in general. Many of our client’s dogs were either rescued from substandard environments or adopted from shelters.  Not all dogs are as fortunate as our canine clients and have a great place to play every day with other dogs. We support Tavi and Friends rescue efforts and really wanted to find a way to help them raise much needed funds and awareness about their wonderful animal rescue group,” stated Co-Owner Evelyn Franklin. “We are so happy so many others are joining us for this weekend celebration.  There will be something for everyone that attends.”

While the event starts at 11am on Saturday, at noon there will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony by local community leaders doing the honors.

“Fido Fitness Club is a perfect fit for our neighborhood – a safe, clean environment to run and play with your dog,” said Co-Owner Ellen Adler.  “We are very much looking forward this fun filled and fur filled weekend!”

For more information on the event go to:

About Fido Fitness Club: Fido Fitness Club is a one-of-a-kind, 4000 square foot facility located in the hamlet of Woodmere, New York. Fido Fitness Club provides a safe, off-leash space for dogs to run, socialize with their owners and other dogs, and spend the day in quality monitored daycare. With easy access to the local train station, Fido Fitness Club is an ideal resource for commuters or anyone who wants to leave their dog in a safe, nurturing environment.  Founded by dog lovers Ellen Adler and Evelyn Franklin, for dog lovers, Fido Fitness Club meets the highest standards for pet-safety and support.  Dedicated to bringing out the best in every dog, Fido Fitness Club amenities are geared to the physical and emotional wellbeing of dogs. At Fido Fitness’s Dog Park, dogs can play off-leash in a safe environment and owners can feel confident that their dog is getting sufficient exercise and playtime regardless of the weather and time of day.  Creating a healthy balance between play and rest, Fido Fitness Club encourages dogs to socialize, explore their natural curiosity, and spend their time engaged in positive activities so when they return home, they are calm, confident, and eager to interact with their owners.  Owners can also view their dog while at the club by the live web cam set up.

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11 May 11

by Nancy E. Hassel,

On Saturday, May 7th, hundreds of people and their four legged friends gathered at Four Towns Firefighters Training Center in Merrick to support the Merrick Lions Club 2nd Annual Purple Hearts Pups  “Just for Fun” Dog Show event.  On the gorgeous spring day, families and dog lovers united for this one great cause all while having a lot of dog gone fun.

Purple Hearts Pup became a reality through the Merrick Lions Club.  As a new club starting out two years ago they were looking for a cause to support and get behind to be an integral part of the community and keep members involved.  Lisa Siano who is the chair of the event, felt that something needed to be done for the Veterans because her twin sister, Toni Pincus, is a puppy raiser with the Guide Foundation in Smithtown. Toni’s first puppy, Raleigh, was giving to Walter Reade Army hospital to work in the Physical Therapy department with the amputee’s coming home from the war.  The merging of the two gave birth to the idea of a fundraising event called “Purple Heart Pups.” The Merrick Lions quickly became a 501(c) (3) organization, and their effort to raise money for disabled veterans continues through various activities in addition to Saturday’s event.  “I got involved with the Club simply because two people who I knew asked me. When I first heard about the PHP, I knew despite anyone’s politics on the war, we have to support those who protect us,” said Audrey Shapiro a Merrick Lions Club member and volunteer for the event.

Purple Heart Pups was created to seek to aid disabled and amputee veterans by providing financial support to America’s VetDogs and the National Amputee Foundation.

Check out all the pictures from the days event below taken by Ben Whalen and Nancy Hassel.

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18 Apr 11

Dog Days at the Mansion ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Dog Days at the Mansion

This past weekend at Old Westbury Gardens, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, dog owners and their dogs flocked to the majestic grounds and estate for the bi-annual “Dog Days at Old Westbury Gardens.”  The beautifully landscaped grounds, all 200 acres, were bursting with spring daffodils, tulips, buttercups and wagging tails.  The first day of the weekend wasn’t too nice but still did draw many people, but Sunday was the day to go.  A bit windy in some spots, the air was filled with laughter, some barking in the background and lots of smiling faces at all the cute dogs.  Some areas of the grounds were off limits to dogs, but the majority of the gardens were open.  The estate was packed with people and their dogs sitting and walking around enjoying the day and the camaraderie only a dog owner could understand.  From the tiniest Pomeranian to a huge Great Dane – there were dogs of all shapes and sizes in attendance.  If you missed it, don’t worry, you will get a chance again in the fall.

Check out our slide show below this picture, and see if your pup is in there!

Daisey, Photo by: R. Hassel

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03 Apr 11

By Nancy E. Hassel,

Dog Friendly Trails in Nassau?

In Nassau County there are not too many parks or hiking paths that you can legally walk your dog – you cannot go to county parks with them, most town and village parks have signs stating, ‘No Dogs Allowed’ so what is a dog owner to do?  Most travel to Suffolk County Parks where all our dog parks are dog friendly, leashed of course, or they go to fenced in dog runs in Nassau – which in my opinion they are not that big in size.  While in Nassau, there are some spots that are not too well known or private beaches that if you live there, you can bring your dog too – as a Suffolk County resident I always felt bad for Nassau dog owning residents not having too many options.

One question I have gotten from Nassau Dog owners throughout the years is “where can we hike or walk our dogs in Nassau?” I would tell them that I didn’t know of any dog friendly hiking trails or parks that were not privately owned.  In Long Beach, at Nickerson’s beach you used to be able to let your dog run free on the beach from around October until April or May – but I have heard that is no longer the case.  There is a dog run there, but it is pretty small.

I was happy to find out recently that there is actually an area where you can bring your dog, legally, on a leash and go hiking through the woods and grounds there – many Nassau residents may know about it, but I know all do not, as I still get the question above from them.  Where is this wonderful place? Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, NY.  Sagamore Hill is deep in US history as it was once the home of President Teddy Roosevelt  – a big time dog lover himself, when the property was donated to the National Park Service it was made clear that the Roosevelt family made sure that pets were always welcomed on the 83-acre site.  Dogs must be leashed on a 6-foot leash at all times and not allowed in buildings (unless it is a service dog)  – this is after all a National Historic Site and part of the National Park Service.  It is also a museum too – so please respect that and click here for all information and rules regarding pets.  The Theodore Roosevelt Association acquired the Sagamore Hill property in 1950, and opened the house to the public in 1953 and then donated it to the National Park Service ten years later.

If you want a good, hilly, kick your butt hike, head too the woods to the left of the parking lot, and there is a 3/4 mile loop,  (nature trail), through the woods that leads down to the bay beach.  The loop is quite hilly, so doing that a few times will definitely wear you and your dog out.  On our visit there last week, we found the people that work there and visitors to be all very friendly and happy to see our dogs there.   So if you want a unique place to walk your dog, and if you are taking part of the 250 Challenge you will definitely want to check this place out.