24 Apr 11

Tyler’s Happy Easter Tail ...

by Pamela Fitzpatrick, of YourDogWalkers, shihtzu58@optonline.net

Who rescued who?
Tyler’s “Happy Tail”

Caring for a pet has been found to have both physical and mental benefit for owners. Interacting with a dog or cat can lower blood pressure and cholesterol and decrease stress and anxiety. Pet adoption is actually a two way street – rescued animals give back so much that sometimes it can be hard to tell who rescued who.

I met Heather and Tyler at the Bayport parade in March and Heather graciously agreed to share their story. Tyler is an adorable little ball of fluff- the kind of puppy you can’t help but fall in love with instantly. He is just about 4 months old, and has lived with his new family for a little over a month.

Last fall, Heather was in a car accident which left her and her daughter seriously injured. In addition to the physical injuries, the accident was emotionally devastating, leaving them both suffering from post traumatic stress. Heather’s daughter is a twin, so her distress affected her sibling as well. Heather’s husband Michael thought that adopting a dog might provide a needed distraction and help his family heal. Preferring a puppy, Heather and Michael were both determined to adopt an animal in need.

After doing a lot of research, Michael and Heather contacted Anarchy Animal Rescue.  This group was founded in 2010 with the dual goals of facilitating pet adoption while rescuing animals suffering in puppy mills. Tyler was born in a puppy mill, and most likely would have ended up being over bred, eventually discarded when his use was finished.

Tyler was in need of a family to love, and Heather and her family needed a bright spot in a bleak time. Adopting Tyler into their family really did the trick! Heather told me how he loves to cuddle, and instantly blended right in to their routine. He greets the family every morning and rides along to take the kids to school. He is bright, and doing very well with housebreaking and obedience training for such a young dog.

What a great story! Tyler got his forever home with a loving family that really needed him too.

Please…..if you’re considering adding a dog or cat to your family, consider adoption. There are so many needy animals, young and old, purebreds and mixes, who are waiting anxiously for someone to take them home. From my own experience, I have found that rescued pets are truly grateful, it’s as if they know that you saved them. Rescue a pet, you’ll be glad you did!

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