05 Jun 11

Messy eaters, Pet Parents rejoice! ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Messy eaters, Pet Parents rejoice!

Is your pet a messy eater?  Does your dog drool while drinking water?  Boy do I have the solution for you!  Recently, Max the resident pet product tester, was sent a big box with one of the most revolutionary new pet products I’ve seen in a while. When I first saw this product, I thought, “wow, what a great idea, and damn it why didn’t I think of that!”  What am I talking about?  The Neater Feeder of course.  Made right here in the good ‘ol US of A from recyclable plastic.  While Max is not the messiest of eaters, he does tend to drool a bit when he drinks water, nothing like a Mastiff or Great Dane – but enough where I was always cleaning the wooden elevated feeder and floor around it – often enough to be annoying, to say the least.

The Neater Feeder feeding solution is designed to take the mess out of mealtime thanks to its raised backsplash and dual reservoir which contains and separates spills and splatters, preventing soggy kibble and slick floors. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

When I opened the box to the Neater Feeder – Max was very curious as to what was in the box. After cleaning the stainless steel bowls and wiping down the rest of the feeder I set it up, put fresh water in the new bowl and prepared his dinner (kibble and his other new favorite Evermore Pet Food).  It was a little past his dinner time and he was hungry – but when I put the food bowl into the feeder he was scared of it!  Classic Max, I am scardy cat American Pit Bull Terrier who doesn’t really like change – and I mean scared that he was standing about 3 or 4 feet away from the feeder crying.  Unbelievable I thought while laughing, “Max you’re such a baby, come here.”  It took about 10 minutes of slowly coaxing bringing the bowl ever closer to the feeder and finally being able to put the bowl inside of the feeder.  He did back up a few times still while eating and cried again, but I guess hunger took over.  OMG!

After the initial drama, he now has adapted to the minor change in his life and loves the feeder – and the BEST part – when he drinks water he stands there and any dribble is caught in the filter area in front of the bowls and it conveniently falls through to the reservoir area below.  One day about a week after he had it, some smaller kibble that was mixed with his regular food (another product he was testing) made him cough a mouth full of food – and where did it land, not all over the floor – but right back into the feeder!  With his last elevated feeder, which I did like for what it was, that food would have gone everywhere.  So we are converts – loving this new feeder, the care and maintenance of it is cake and I would highly recommend it.  The product comes in all small, medium and large and there is even a version for cats too. Like with the one Max has it has extra extender legs with non-skid rubber treads to raise it even.

So Max has concurred a fear, is no longer drooling, spilling, or spitting any food on the floor.  It’s great for human error too, just the other day I was putting fresh water in his bowl pouring from the Brita pitcher and I splashed the water and all the water landed right inside the feeder. Thank you Neater Feeder!  One last thing – Max will be sharing his new found feeder wealth with one lucky winner – check out our weekly newsletter (you can sign up above to the right) for an upcoming “Where in the World is Max” contest.  The person who correctly guesses where Max is will get their very own Neater Feeder!  (Be sure to sign up and watch for the contest – it will be coming up soon!)

crunch, crunch, crunch!

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