10 Nov 11

Bully Breed Brigade ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

This Sunday, November, 13 from 11am to 3pm there will be a celebration in Wantagh of a much loved and much debated about breed – the American Pit Bull Terrier.  The first ever ‘Bully Breed Brigade’ will be taking place in Wantagh thanks to the efforts of Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in cooperation with The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.  Last Hope has taken the initiative in the past with a Pit Bull Expo a few years ago to try and solve the pit bull over-population problem in our local town and private shelters here on LI.

The Bully Breed Brigade starts at 11am on Sunday, on Beltagh Avenue in Wantagh between the Last Hope Shelter (formerly Bid-a-wee shelter) and the Town of Hempstead shelter.  (For a Map click here). The celebration will include an adoption fair with vendors, trainers, breed advocates, rescuers, speakers, holistic experts, T’touch demos and more! At  12:30pm the Brigade of adopted, rescued, owned and to be adopted American Pit Bull Terriers, Pit Bull Mixes, Amstaffs and other bully dog types will be on parade for all to see, learn about and of course get lots of kisses and wiggle butts from!  The parade of ‘Ambassdogs’, (breed ambassadors), from shelters and rescues across LI with many ready for adoption will be a first on LI!

At 1:30 pm a special pet celebrity Tia Torres from Animal Planet’s very own TV show, ‘Pit Bulls and Parolees.’  Tia has been tirelessly saving pit bulls and helping parolees get back on their feet at Viallobos Rescue Center in California.

Tia will be there because she and her team have driven across country to take 6 pit bulls ‘The Hempstead Hopefuls’ from the Town of Hempstead shelter back with her to California to help rehabilitate the dogs and find them forever homes. These 6 happened to be pulled from an Elmont dog fighting ring over the summer and Tia is generously taking the time out of her own life to not only drive across country but to help these 6 dogs.  My hat is off to you Tia for all you do for our beloved breed of choice.  Tia and her crew have never traveled this far to rescue any dog!

While the image of the Pit Bull may be getting better, meaning more and more people are realizing it’s not the breed but how a dog is raised, socialized, trained, etc. we still have a lot of pit and pit mixes in our local shelter.  As with ANY other breed –it’s how they are brought up – but with that said, there are some pit and pit mixes that were born in a shelter or lived their entire life in a shelter and are just the best dog you may ever encounter.  This loyal, super smart, athletic, adaptable, fun and goofy breed just love humans – and most of them just absolutely love dogs and other animals too!

To cap off this amazing day, what better than a movie premiere all about the breed?  At 7pm the Long Island debut of the movie, ‘Beyond the Myth’ a documentary about Pit Bulls and breed discrimination by Libby Sherrill will be shown at the Cradle of Aviation IMAX Theatre in Garden City. (1 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY).  Tickets will be sold at the door for $10 per person and a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to Last Hope is a 501 c 3 non-for-profit organization.  For more information on the Bully Breed Brigade or the movie premiere contact bbb@lasthopeanimalrescue.org or call 631-671-2588. If you’re bringing your own bully, be sure they are well behaved, socialized, up-to-date on their shots, NYS licensed and on a 6-foot sturdy leash.

Harley – one of Last Hope’s Alumni dogs!

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