07 Jun 12

Danger! Distracted Dog Walking ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

There is an epidemic sweeping across Long Island and the country too, it’s Distracted Dog Walking!  Be careful that you don’t get swept up in this risky behavior.  Dog owners everywhere are walking their dogs completely distracted and constantly looking down.  What could they be looking down at, when they should be watching where they are going and more importantly where their dog is and what they are doing?  Why their cell phone of course – or should I say smart phone (which in this case seems to making people dumber!).  Remember the days when we walked our dogs without the distraction of a text, email, phone call, super duper important Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest update?  I ask you can you actually remember that?  I can and sometimes I really miss those days.

We are all guilty of it.  But I always make a point to lock my phone and put it in my dog’s Doggie Go Pack that hangs from his leash, so if I get a text or email, I don’t hear it or notice it until I get back to where I started or to my car.  Just yesterday while walking Max at a local park, I watched as an approaching dog owner was so busy reading whatever was so damn important on her phone, not paying attention to her dog, (who was zipped about 20 feet ahead her on a retractable leash grrrr), and she nearly walked right off the path into the lake.  I was cracking up – but of course she really could have hurt herself, or more importantly hurt her dog. (Put the phone away lady!)

Dog owners, is it really that hard to walk your dog and bond with him or her, maybe do some training, without you being on the phone? And by the way chatting so loudly – no one wants to hear your conversation.  Your poor dog is being neglected as you walk and talk, text, FB and tweet.

I have also had people approaching so engrossed in their loud conversation that they don’t realize their dog nearly tripped a jogger, knocked over an nice elderly couple walking by or pooped and they didn’t pick up!  Sheesh!

Do I take a quick picture of my dog on my smart phone and post it to FB when we are out on a walk?  Sure, because he is so damn cute – but then the phone gets put away so we can enjoy the rest of walk!

I double dog dare you to put the phone away, walk your dog, breathe, take in the scenery, and pay attention to your pup.  He will, and you will be much better off for it.  Go ahead I dare you!    Tell me your story about Distracted Dog Walking in the comment section below…


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