20 Sep 12

What to do in a Pet Emergency? ...

by Robyn Elman, President & Founder of In Home Pet Services, Inc., Certified Pet Tech

Would you know what to do if your pet or a client’s pet was choking? Do you know the most common case of poisoning veterinarians are seeing right now? Would you know the steps to save your pets life if he or she was hit by a car? Taking a Pet First Aid & CPR class can teach you how to calmly and confidently deal with any of these situations and other pet emergencies.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association 1 out of every 4 more pets would have survived if only ONE Pet First Aid Technique was applied prior to receiving emergency veterinary care. While taking a Pet First Aid & CPR class is vital for anyone who owns a pet, it is essential for anyone who works with pets on a volunteer or professional basis – whether it be a shelter worker, animal rescuer, dog trainer, groomer, animal control officer, or pet sitter.

The next class offered in our area will be on Saturday, November 4th, 2012 from 9:30am to 1:30pm and is held at Bid-a-wee’s educational building in Wantagh, (3300 Beltagh Avenue  Wantagh, NY 11793), across from Last Hope Animal Shelter.  The class is a lot of fun and students will learn from lecture, demonstration, and a lot of hands on practice in the class. Upon completing the class, students will know how to handle ANY emergency that can happen with their pet or a pet in their care, and also receive a 2-year certificate, emergency muzzle, full manual, and more.  This class is perfect for every day pet owners and pet professionals that work with animals on a regular basis. Register online at In Home Pet Services, Inc. or on the In Home Pet Services facebook page. The cost of the class is $85 per person and proceeds will be donated to Pet Safe Coalition – a non-profit group that teaches emergency preparedness and works with local government in setting up shelters for pets displaced in natural disasters.  Many pet accidents and emergencies happen during the holiday season, and this is the last class in our area for the year, being prepared for any pet emergency may just help you save a pet’s life!

Recent News 12 Video on Pet First Aid & CPR

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