26 Jan 13

Snow Dogs! ...

By Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

What is better to do on a freezing cold Saturday? Bring your dog to the park so they can romp in the snow of course!  The park wasn’t that crowded but here are a few adorable dogs that were lucky to be taking for a walk in the snow.

Look at this big Berner! Dante, what a sweetie!

Didn’t get this big fella’s name, he is smiling for the camera no less.

Lester the Doxie was keeping warm in his dog coat, style circa 1980s!  Too cute!

Love those eyes! Just stand out so much more in the snow, don’t ya think?

This girl was just a pup at a year old! Pretty redhead. :)

Do you know where this is?

This girl was so sweet, a mix breed of beauty! Another redhead…hmmm a theme going on today?

This sweet Shiba was 14 and didn’t want to look at the camera – but is sister to the above dog, and another redhead!

Ok, so not a dog, but pretty…


Olivia, the sweet 13 year old CCI dog!

Look how pretty!

And of course, my Max!

4 Responses to “Snow Dogs!”

  1. Blydenburgh County Park! Great photos as always.

  2. Thanks, it’s actually not Blydenburgh! But another county park. :)

  3. The path down to the beach at Gardiner Park?

  4. You are correct Ginny! :)