29 Aug 13

Pony Swim on the NoFo ...

By Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

What a perfect way to spend one of the last summer evenings of August at the beach watching the ponies swim in Southold, NY.  What has become a lovely way for horses and their owners to cool off this summer has attracted a lot of onlookers and photographers – including myself.

Organized by local horse owners on the North Fork – this pony swim is such a treat to witness as the summer winds down.
What is better than horses, donkeys, and dogs all on the beach to enjoy the beauty of the east end and cool, crisp water?  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, dogs were all leashed and well behaved and the horses were absolutely having a blast.

Some of the horses were dunking their noses in the water, rolling in the water on the shore, and even curious about the dogs there!

CHEESE! This horse was rolling around in the water a lot – it was just too cute!

Love this meet and greet with this dog and donkey.  The dogs were so good saying hello.

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