24 Sep 13

New products, Total Pet Expo ...

By Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

The Total Pet Expo, by H.H. Backer Associates was held in Chicago this past weekend at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and there were 2 levels of pet products, and nearly 700 booths to see.   The show, which debuted a new name and earlier time in the season were expecting about 8,000 buyers to attend.  A few buyers I spoke with said they loved that it was earlier in the season, because it makes it easier for them prepare their pet shops, supply stores, boutiques and grooming shops ready for the holiday season.

While there was so much to take in some products jumped out at you – like this blinged out dog feeding station from.  They had many different colors and styles to choose from.  While I love the look of this, and know many of my doggie fashionista friends will too, maybe not for the drooliest dog! (How do you clean that so it stays so sparkly? Or maybe that is your dog’s holiday china?)

A couple of the interactive toys that stood out to me were Kong’s new Kong Quest, (get it? love the play on words), and Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff Snoop.  Both have completely different designs to keep your pup busy and active while trying to get a treat.  And I think Kong’s could be used for a cat too – maybe with Halo’s Liv-a-Little’s treats put in there – how to drive a cat crazy!  The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop can also hold a ball too – so for that ball obessed dog this could be a neat toy to watch them get the ball out with treats hidden underneath!  For us humans to clean the toy, you can easily pop the top up and clean it.

Of course while I was there I had to stop by and say hi to our friends at Earth Rated the makers of PoopBags.  They have been so supportive of many Long Island pet events and have such a great, biodegradable, earth friendly product. (I use everyday while walking Max!) They are currently in 4,000 stores across the US, so if some reason your pet retailer doesn’t carry the product, request it!

Speaking of Long Island, one of our very own members of Long Island Pet Professionals, Bob Brennan was also at the show as a vendor with his great products, Dr. Emmo’s Pet First Aid by Pet Clenz.  This is a great product and I use the Wound Care Gel on Max, really gentle and helped him a lot with a small wound he had on his foot.   They are now coming out with a product for horses too and soon to debut an eye care product for your pets too.

I always love to see new products debuting at shows like this, whether it is a new company or a well established one with a new product.  These beautiful hand beaded collars by Dosha Dog caught my eye.  This would be best worn on a short haired dog, in my opinion, as I can easily see a dog with longer hair – getting their fur caught inbetween the beads.  So for my short haired doggie fashion friends, I think these collars would be a nice pop on your cute pups.

There were a lot of gift items you can give your pet parent friends at the show too.  One that adorns your favorite breed of dog, and keeps you dry at the same time were adogable umbrellas by The San Francisco Umbrella Company.  With about 30 popular breeds to choose from (and yes they have an American Pit Bull Terrier one too!), and many color options, this is a cute pet gift item to give the pet lover who has everything!

On the second floor of the show, they had a full sized demo of a pet store called the ‘Store on the Floor’ to give buyers great ideas to display pet merchandise, products and how to lay out your store in a consumer friendly way.  Inside the store on the floor, they had puppies and kittens that were up for adoption with the Tails Humane Society – so a nice to see a push for adopting pets out of stores vs. selling.  It was great to see at a major pet trade show – the pushing of adoption and working with your local rescue groups.

Overall the show was great seeing a lot of new products, getting to participate in the ‘Smart Zone Education Station’ a series of seminars with expert speakers from around the country, meeting new pet professionals and see many friends and associates.  For MANY more PICTURES, click here – a lot more products in our photo section on Facebook too!

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