15 Oct 13

Overlooked Dogs~Part 2 & 3 ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Part 3 of our Lifer Series…overlooked dogs that have been in a shelter for 6 months or longer. Please share their stories so they too can find their furever home during October which is Adopt-a-Shelter dog Month.

Meet Ms. HoneyBee, one of the most beautiful, gentle souls up for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. Honey came to the shelter as a stray on the 4th of July. She was found cowering on the streets; so frighten by the sound of fireworks we could hardly get her onto our truck.

Honey is a 6 year young pure breed Cane Corso. Honey’s spirit was broken when she came to us and she was depressed for quite some time. But after some “Good Ole” TLC Honey has blossomed into the perfect lady.  At some point Honey was loved by someone because she knows many commands: sit – down- stay- paw and she is also housetrained. Please give Honey the second chance and forever home she deserves; come to the shelter to adopt her.

Bio on Lady Rebecca

Meet Lady Rebecca. She is 75lbs of pure, unconditional love. Our Lady is a canine cancer survivor and now she needs a home to live the joys of a second chance at life.  Lady Rebecca loves, loves, LOVES people but prefers to be your one and only pet.  If you can foster or give this great girl a forever home, please contact Save-a-Pet in Port Jefferson atsaveapetny@yahoo.com or 631.473.6333 and request to meet her today.

Part 2 of our Lifer Series…overlooked dogs that have been in a shelter for 6 months or longer. Please share their stories so they too can find their furever home during October which is Adopt-a-Shelter dog Month.

This is Mia from Almost Home Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. Mia is a 4yr old spayed female. Mia is good with kids (older kids due to her size) and is dog selective best paired with a submissive dog, NO CATS. Mia loves belly rubs and going to the beach! Mia had 13 puppies all her puppies were adopted and Momma Mia has been waiting since March 2011 for her forever home! Please contact Jen 631-627-3665 or jen@almoshomeli.org.

I am a  handsome 9 year old basset hound mix with beautiful markings.  I prefer a one person family that just wants to hang out with me, their only dog. I only have a few needs – food, treats, and a nice fenced yard.  I love to go out and bark at anything that catches my eye. So maybe a home in the country is best. And of course, I love to be inside to take naps and watch what you are doing.  I’m not one that cares for a harness – too much fuss.  As a matter of fact, I will go for a walk, but if you are too busy – I am just fine going out in  my fenced yard. ~ Contact Lisa Packer at lpacker458@msn.com.

Noelle is a Pointer mix who is between three and four years old. She has been at the shelter since October of 2012. She loves to run and play outside and would do great in a home with a yard. She is friendly and will give kisses. She is possessive of her toys though, so please no children under the age of 8. She gets along with some dogs and cats. Visit her at the Town of Islip Adopt A Pet center at 201 S. Denver Avenue, Bay Shore, NY 11706.

Photo credit: Sole Riley

Dog # 27 whose new name is “Pretty Girl” was found wounded, bloodied and emaciated in a garage where illegal dog fighting was taking place.

Pretty Girl and 17 other pit bulls were seized during the raid, and taken to local animal hospitals and to the local Animal Shelter.  Three had to be euthanized immediately because of their injuries.  Fortunately, Pretty Girl, despite her injuries, was rehabilitated thanks to excellent veterinary care funded by the local Animal Shelter and the Nassau County District Attorney’s office.  At ARF, Pretty Girl was diagnosed with a blood-borne parasite (Babesia gibsonia) that is associated with dogs used in fighting.  After treatment, she has made a full recovery.

Once her physical injuries were healed, Pretty Girl’s mental state had to be addressed.  “The small staff at the local Shelter did an amazing job with her” commented ARF’s Executive Director, Sara Davison.  All the dogs were evaluated by the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team and many of them exhibited aggression towards dogs.  Dog aggression is a behavioral trait obviously encouraged by dog fighting rings.  Despite her dog aggressive tendencies, Pretty Girl was assessed by the ASPCA as an “affectionate social dog…a good candidate for rehabilitation.”

At ARF she has started basic obedience training and further de-sensitization to other dogs.  Her “finishing school” included long walks in the woods, muzzled interactions with other dogs, lots of exposure to people and obedience training.  Today she has made many dog friends at ARF and is allowed to join them in play groups unmuzzled! Pretty Girl is a survivor.  She let kindness and compassion heal her broken heart.  She now deserves to live happily ever after.  For information on adopting Pretty Girl contact the ARF Adoption Team at 631-537-0400 ext. 203.

Please note the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter is now open again – they have, as of press time of this article, 209 dogs that need homes there.  Please contact the shelter or go visit to help the animals there. 209 DOGS!

Want to feature your rescue dog in this 4-part Lifer Series of articles?

Please email Info@LIPetPlace.com, send a jpg of the dog, description about the dog, what shelter the dog is in, how long the dog has been in the shelter, and Contact info, etc.  The dog must be in a municipal shelter at least 6-months or more and/or with official non-profit Rescue group shelter.  Thank you!

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