04 Apr 14

Wildlife-Long Island, Pictures ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com (All photo’s are property of LIPetPlace.com and taken by me!)

Wildlife on Long Island – it’s here, and not to hard to find, if you stop and pay attention.  I often post photo’s of wildlife on my Facebook page and much of the reaction is – where do you go to take that picture?  Is that on Long Island?  I never see anything like that.  We get caught up in our every day hustle and bustle of life, but if you are not stopping to look and appreciate the wildlife around you, you are seriously missing out.

Here are some pictures from the past 6-months or so in various locations around Long Island:

This red fox was on the boardwalk at the beach – but you may have noticed there seem to be Fox’s running around everywhere on the South Shore of LI in the last year or so.

Snowy Owl – not native to Long Island, but we had them all over the south shore beaches this winter – what a treat to see in person.

White Tailed Deer – Love seeing deer on LI – say what you want but they are to be treasured!

White Breasted-Nuthatch – common in your own backyard – but this guy was at a wildlife sanctuary on the East End.

This rabbit was actually pretty big for what I normally see – guessing he has plenty of food supply around.

Long Tailed Duck in flight over Sag Harbor waters.

Seal swimming in the waters off of Westhampton Beach.

Ok so this guy I photographed last spring!

Cardinal – one of about 30 nearby at wildlife sanctuary on the east end of LI.

This turtle was spying on me while I was taking pictures…

Red-tailed Hawk circling over Gardiners Park in Bay Shore – another good reason to keep your dogs leashed!

Ok, I know this is gross, but it is nature or wildlife on LI.  We came across this checkered Garter Snake last spring around this time of year, while out walking our dogs, my friend jumped a few feet in the air when we saw it! At first I thought it was a snake with front legs, (it was early in the morning people!), then I realized it was eating that toad…poor little guy was blinking and trying to get away.  And that was a decent size snake for LI – usually you see the little Garter snakes – but this was a first for me, the snake and him eating right in the middle of the trail. Yuck and cool at the same time.  (Still feel bad for the toad, but that is nature).

This is just a sampling of pictures of the wildlife around you here on Long Island – I dare you to get out there and slow down, and look around!  You might even spot some bald eagles too!

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