16 May 14

Pet travel tips! ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Traveling with your pet?

As pets are more and more accepted in hotels, stores and even dining at some restaurants, outdoors of course – we are more likely to bring them along for our travel plans, they are family after all.   Whether is it is a day trip or week-long vacation preparing is key to have a great time with your pet.

  • Websites like Fido Friendly Magazine (www.fidofriendly.com) and Bring Fido, (www.bringfido.com – which also has an app for your phone), do offer information on pet friendly resorts and areas. Another useful app is Dog Park Finder for both Android and iPhones.
  • Keep in mind that while your pet might do well in a quick car trip to the park – a long distance trip will require many potty break stops, let them stretch their legs, and be sure to have your pet properly secured in a travel crate or pet seatbelt fitted to them.  Bring their own food, treats and fresh cold water, you may not be able to find the same brand pet food while in a different location.  Your pet may also get car sick, so be sure to have all natural cleaning supplies with you.
  • If you want to vacation with your pet and do doggie as well as human activities, Canine Camp Getaway offers vacations two times a year.  Run by Janice Costa a Long Island native has become very popular, you can find out more here www.CanineCampGetaway.com.
  • Own an American Pit Bull Terrier or Bully breed?  Research, research, research! Research if the area you are driving through or going to has any breed specific legislation (BSL).  While some laws are being over turned across the country to no longer have BSL you definitely need to make sure you know the laws as your driving – you wouldn’t want to break down in an area that outlaws Pit Bulls.
  • Need to board your pet while going away?  Many places on LI can board your cat, dogs, parrots, bunnies, etc. – but you want to research the person and company first.  If you have a bird, check out the Long Island Parrot Society’s website (www.liparrotsociety.org) as they have pet sitters available.  For a dog, cat or small animal you can go to www.LongIslandPetProfessionals.com and there are many pet sitters listed in the member directory who offer in home boarding – In Home Pet Services in Merrick, Babylon and Bellerose all offer boarding.  Make sure anyone you leave your pet with is bonded, insured and has a stellar reputation.  Do your research!
  • On your road trip, bring one extra of everything for each pet.  An extra leash, collar with proper ID tags, current photo of your pet, food, water, medications, first aid kits, towels, blanket beds, etc.  You may think that is excessive – but what if you breakdown and are stranded for a night or two? All that pre-planning and extra packing will come in handy!
  • Map out 24-hour emergency veterinarian hospitals along your route and at your destination.  Better to be safe than sorry and at your destination – know where the local animal shelter is just in case your pet gets lost.

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