23 Jul 14

Historic Dog Friendly LI ...

By Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Historical mansions on Long Island are not something you would first think of to bring your dog too – but here on LI we are very fortunate enough to have many such places to explore and take in the history with our pups!  A new series of articles will feature many different places in bought Nassau and Suffolk counties over the next few weeks.

We start with the Castle and grounds at Sands Point, N.Y. that is located just north of Port Washington in Nassau County.  While we have a few castles on Long Island – which really is amazing in and of itself – the fact that you can bring your dog to such places may be unheard of in other parts of the country.  Sands Point is a hidden gem if you are looking for a different spot to spend the day with your pup.  While there are some restrictions to where you can bring your dogs on the grounds – it is well worth the trip and experience.  How often can you take a picture of your dog, like this one below of Phineas in front of a castle?

The history of Sands Point is quite fascinating, known as the Guggenheim Estate, and now cared for by the Friends of the Sands Point Preserve.  The estate was built in 1920 and modeled after the Kilkenny Castle in Ireland.  The castle is 100,000 square feet built with limestone and was originally served as the servant’s quarters and horse stables.

The Hempstead House which was the property’s main residence, overlooks the Long Island Sound is a 50,000 square foot Tudor-style home thta is 225 long and 135 wide with 40 rooms and 60 foot tall entry way.

The house is off limits to dogs – but you can walk right up to it with your pup or walk on the large grounds adjacent to the house that overlook the stunning view of the Long Island Sound and Connecticut.

There are also hiking trails that you can walk your dog through, picnic tables to hang out with your pup and while there is a beach – they do ask that you don’t let your dog in the water. If you’re looking for a new spot to take your dog too, Sands Point is well worth it – and I imagine in the fall it will be beautiful with the leaves changing.  Respect the areas that say dogs aren’t allowed to keep this piece of LI history dog friendly!  For more pictures, click here!

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