24 Sep 14

Total Pet Expo Top Picks ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Fun Pet Product finds in Chicago at Total Pet Expo!

This past weekend LIPetPlace.com traveled to Chicago for the trade show Total Pet Expo to find new, innovative, fun and unique pet products to bring to you.  It may seem like a simple thing to do, but in this 60 million dollar a year industry, I like to see what booth pulls me in!  Here are some of our top picks:

How fun is this double ended dog toy, The Bomber by Zues?  Made of durable natual rubber, it bounces, it floats, you can throw it, kick it for your pup – in two sizes, and while any dog can play with this – it’s perfect for the larger breeds.

Love these cat housing systems by Crijo Pets, they go beyond scratching posts, provide fun cat walks and so much enrichment for your kitty.  Perfect for you cat at home, animal shelter or sanctuary. All the products are made in the USA. Scratching pads are easy to replace and the systems are easy to clean!

Got a messy mutt?  This new feeding system is made from BPA and PVC free FDA food quality silicone in which two stainless steal bowls easily fit into.  The silicone is easy to clean, provides a non-slip surface, can be used indoors or outdoors and comes in many different colors.  Messy Mutts makes this product in large and a small size for dogs and is coming out with cat sizes soon.

The IndestrucaBALL made from mango wood with chips inside so it is interesting to your pet.  Perfect for some of the breeds that rip apart or break other toys easily – this tough toy comes in two sizes and is from Aussie Naturals.

Want to make your own chicken or jerky treats at home? Uncle Ulrick’s just debuted this home kit where you can make the treats in your oven in 3 hours vs. many hours in a traditional dehydrator.  But if doing it at home isn’t your thing, you can pick up a bag of their own line of Chicken, Beef or sweet potato strips all made from USA sourced human quality ingredients.

Love Planet Dog products, if you are thinking of the Holidays – stock up on these finds for great stocking stuffers or house warming gifts to bring to your friend or families house for their dogs during the holidays.

If you’re taking your dog for a walk like this adorable guy Oakley, you need to have a the new DoggieDooAll attached to your leash! The double ended poop bag hold has just what ever poop picker upper needs, sanatizing hand wipes right in the middle of the holder.  No more will you have that yucky, unclean feelig after cleaning up from your pet.  Great for wiping your pups drool and paws too.

Photo credit: DoggieDooAll product show from website.

To see more products and PICTURES from the show, click here!

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