18 Feb 15

And the winner is… ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com (All photos and Video taken by Nancy E. Hassel)

And the winner is…the 15 inch Beagle, Miss. P!  This adorable little dog took home the most prestigious title in the dog show world in the United States, Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The crowd went absolutely ballistic when the Old English Sheepdog went around the ring, the noise was insane. He was clearly the crowd favorite, the Beagle was the crowd’s 2nd favorite.

I personally am always pulling for the underdog or different breed – seems like it is the same 7 breeds year in or year out – and there is always a poodle in BIS.  Nothing against the adorable poodles, just always wonder why every year there is a poodle?  With 192 different breeds now competeting in Westminster, it would be nice to see something completely different in BIS, a Doberman, AmStaff, Frenchie winning perhaps? Aww one can dream! (Fifi the Doberman was so close a couple years ago). (What breed were you cheering for? Tell us in the comment section at the bottom!) The Doberman in the working group came close to making it to BIS, beautiful dog:

Regardless of who my favorite choice would be (I too have many breeds I would love to see in that BIS ring!), Westminster is an incredible event to be at. The excitement in the air, and during the group judging can be nail biting. It’s not often you can see so many different types of dogs in one location. People and their dogs travel from all over the world, and Long Island, (smile), to compete!

Some of our Long Island dogs, like the Leonbergers, Mr. America, Hollywood and Magnetto – with local owner, breeder, and handler – Morgan Williams, were in the ring and Magneto won Winners Dog!

Then there is this adorable little Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Abbie, who is also a therapy dog from Long Island – she stood out amoung all the Staffy’s not just because of her beautiful markings – but because of her spunk.

This dog Brennan, well he is not from Long Island, but his relatives (human ones) used to live here, and he was a show stopper, even while laying down! You can see why, he is a 240lb massive Mastiff – is that redundant?

Another dog that stood out to me was Kennedy, a beautiful sweet, and non-docked eared American Staffordshire Terrier – she took 2nd place in her group. Love that she placed and without her ears being docked – my preferred look for an AmStaff (aka American Pit Bull Terrier for those of you who are wondering same dog different breed names for AKC vs. UKC look it up if you’re not sure!). She was not from Long Island, but sure does look like a lot of our AmStaffs living locally!  Congrats Kennedy!

I say this every year, but if you have never been to Westminster, love dogs, and live close by – you have to make plans to go next year!  For a lot more PICTURES, click here!

What breed were you cheering for?

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