30 Nov 15

2015 Holiday Pet Gift Guide! ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Excited to bring you our 2015 Holiday Pet Gift Guide where you can find gifts for pets and pet parents alike this holiday season!  From gifts that help you cherish your pet’s life, their memory – to functional, stylish, comfy and even products to help your pet’s ailments.  I invite you to visit each product listed below and visit their website as well to learn more.  In the spirit of the Holiday season – while doing your holiday shopping perhaps you can purchase 1 extra gift to give to someone who could really use it for themselves or their pet.  Happy shopping!

We often think of our pets who may have passed on, during the holidays and all year long. MiY Pet Perennials Kit is a wonderful way to remember your pet for years to come.  It is the is the perfect healing activity for anyone experiencing pet loss. Each kit contains everything necessary to craft 12-14 planting wafers. Each wafer propagates a one square foot area with wildflowers.  What a beautiful way to remember you pet and help the earth at the same time!  Pet families can customize their
living memorial by incorporating a portion of a pet’s cremation remains into the process.  A meaningful gift for sure.

Another really sweet and meaningful holiday gift is to have a pet portrait painted by a talented artist.  It doesn’t have to be a memorial, it is something you can do now for your favorite pet parent.  I know for myself, when my dog Max passed, a few incredible people in my life had a couple paintings of him done.  It was perfect. Animal artist Michelle Kohler located on Long Island does hand painted portraits from your photo onto canvas or wood.  Prices start at $75.00 for 8×10 size and paintings are done in acrylic or oil. Michelle also does a mini portrait “CHRISTMAS COOKIE” tree ornament for $30.00. The Christmas Cookie is a miniature portrait of your pet on a slab of last years Christmas tree. They are absolutely beautiful! To order your gift today contact Michelle at mk336soa@yahoo.com or by calling (631) 374-6378.

Have a pet parent in your life that loves, loves, loves jewelry?  Well you have to check out this beautiful new dog motif jewelry and photo jewelry in
by Zelda’s Song in their Etsy Store! Brand new designs include our first-ever silver necklaces and photo necklaces.  To make gift-giving easy, they have created our Paw Print Cuff Bracelet, pictured below – which is a fashionable paw print emblem presented on their popularleather cuff bracelet.  You can just add a name to personalize for your  favorite dog lover! You also have to check out all their other products on ZeldasSong.com you are sure to find something you love (and maybe just for yourself!)

If you’re like me you prefer a leather collar for your dog.  For me there are many reasons, durability, strength, beauty and of course the many choices there are today.  You cannot go wrong with a beautiful dog collar from Auburn Leathercrafters.  Hand crafted right here in New York and with high quality leather – a family owned and operated company.  They have matching collars and leashes like the ones pictured below, collars with bling, for the largest dog you can imagine down to the tiny pup.  You can find their collars in many fine retailers – but if you don’t have a pet store near you go to their consumer website CollarsandMore.com.

If you are looking for a healthy dog treat for spoil your pup with you need to check out Deb’s Healthy Pet Center!  Offering a wide range of food, treats and supplements. They sell only all natural items, and the majority of what they offer are single-ingredient products. There are NO steroids, antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, grain or gluten in any of their products, all of which are made in the USA with only farm fresh ingredients grown here.  They are committed to 100% sourcing ingredients and manufacturing in the USA.  So your pet can be healthy now and healthy for life.

The next two items are perfect to be given as a gift together, you’ll see what I mean in a minute!

The Torus Water Bowls are new to the market and high tech yet simple to use.  The water bowls store water inside its reservoir walls, filtering the water as it automatically dispenses.  The large capacity means less filling and it’s low profile and grips mean less mess or spills that you will have to clean up.  Torus has a lock, fill and drink function for portability and does NOT require batteries.  The 1 liter bowl is ideal for small pets and the 2 liter bowl is ideal for larger or mutliple pets.  The bowls are available in Charcoal, Red, Blue & Pink (1 L only). Torus includes one carbon filter, lasting 1 month and has a 12 month warranty. Visit their website for more information on this cool new bowl.

Ok, maybe you will get the tie into the next product! ;)

UGODOG is the #1 Indoor Dog Potty approved by the APA. This pet potty is environmentally friendly, keeps paws dry, is easy for pets to use,  has absorbent liners that are reusable and biodegradable and owners get a free training manual with purchase. Makes a great gift for pet owners, especially those who are in high rise apartment buildings, in cold weather areas (who can’t get out quickly to take their pets out), and it’s great for older dogs too for them to have a safe clean place to go in your home say if you are out longer than anticipated.  And for puppies too!

Brand new to the market, like literally launched 2 weeks ago is Deziner Dogs, brought to you by pet entrepreneur Heather Lehrman, “Deziner Dogs was created not only by me, but by every pet owner I run in to.”  Not only will Deziner Dogs differentiate your dog breed with their apparel and leash line, it will also start many conversations between dog owners.  Their mission is to make high quality, fashion forward & fun products for you and your pet! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

If you’re thinking holistic pet care, that can be a personal choice – but I am sure as you’re reading this you know of at least one person who has a dog, cat or horse that may have a specific type of aliment.  Perhaps the traditional way of treating that ailment hasn’t really help their pet, if so, I encourage you to check out Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver.  It is an all-natural herbal supplement that is a safe and effective alternative to treating many dogs ailments – instead of using harsh anti-inflammatory medications. Suitable to help manage ailments dogs suffer from such as: Arthritis; Chronic Dermatitis; Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Respiratory Disorders; Hip Dysplasia; Cartilage Destruction; Geriatric Wasting; Athletic/Repetitive Stress and Autoimmune Disorders.  Created by a holistic veterinarian right here on Long Island, Dr. Don Baker who has 30 years experience and is passionate about helping our pets in a holistic effective way.  Of course with any treatment plan you should contact your own vet first – but you need to visit their website and find out more about this great product.

If you’re looking for luxury for your home and your pets, then Tall Tails Authentic Dog Textiles is where you want to look!  Tall Tails is a leader in manufacturing high quality textiles and accessories for dogs and their families. Tall Tails offers products that pet parents love to provide for comfortable living, beautiful design, and interaction with their pets. Tall Tails helps provide soothing solutions for everyone in the family after a long day on the mountain peaks or the city streets. Quality products include: supportive beds, super-soft blankets, absorbent grooming towels, interactive toys, durable leashes, and WaterwoofTM pads.  You will end up wanting their items for you and your pets, but they make beautiful holiday gifts as well.  You can find their products in over 500 pet boutiques across the country.

Wishing you and your pets a very Happy Holiday season!

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