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We have reasonable advertisement rates, sponsorship packages and many ways to get your pet product, pet service or upcoming pet event exposed to the pet owning, pet loving and pet experts. has readers across the country as well as Long Island, New York City and the Tri-state area.  Articles are also featured weekly in our Pet Events Newsletter that goes out to thousands of subscribers, forwarded and shared on social media.

The possibilities are endless, and we would be happy to put together a specific package for your pet product or service that best fits you.

  • If you would like a sponsored post about your product or service, it will be clearly stated as such at the top of the post/article.
  • We no longer do reviews of products, (as of 2013), but when we did they were honest reviews and only did reviews of products that we were interested in or believed in.
  • We are PR friendly and like to work with other organizations in the pet industry – but again if you want us to promote anything for your client, the post or advertisement will be stated as a sponsored post or sponsored newsletter, each time.
  • We have guests bloggers from time to time, the content and post is approved prior to being put on our blog and written from their point of view.
  • All posts written by Nancy Hassel are from her point of view, experience, knowledge and reporting of events she has attended or hosted in the pet industry.  If the post is a sponsored post it will state that at the top! We only do sponsored posts from time to time.

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