18 Feb 15

And the winner is… ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com (All photos and Video taken by Nancy E. Hassel)
And the winner is…the 15 inch Beagle, Miss. P!  This adorable little dog took home the most prestigious title in the dog show world in the United States, Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The crowd went absolutely ballistic [...]

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16 Feb 15

Westminster Agility, meets the breed ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com
The 2nd Annual Westminster Masters Agility Championship was held in New York City on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at Pier 94. This was my 2nd year there, and it did not disappoint – very exciting to watch the finals!  Many dogs from Long Island were there representing, and dogs you don’t [...]

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10 Feb 15

Pets Dig these Valentine’s Gif ...

By Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com
Love is in the air, and while everyone is out buying roses, jewelry and chocolate – I know many pet owners are buying gifts for their pets too.  But what about combining the two ideas?  How about getting your sweetheart something for them of their pet?  A beautiful gift to get [...]

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27 Jan 15

Dog Training Seminar & Mastermi ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com
January is ‘National Train Your Dog Month’ and in recognition of that, American Pet Professionals, formerly (Long Island Pet Professionals), is hosting a brand new seminar and mastermind event for Dog Training Professionals – the first of it’s kind on Long Island, NY.
The Dog Training Seminar and Mastermind event is taking [...]

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24 Jan 15

5 Winter Safety Tips for Pets ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com
Here are 5 simple tips to help keep your pets safe and warm while enjoying the snowy weather.
1.) Protect your dogs paws. There are many pet boots and products on the market that you can put on your pet, have them wear to help them with keeping their paws from [...]