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19 Nov 15

USA Made Dog Treats Cody Loves! ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Made in the USA Dog treats Cody loves, and mom approved!

Being in the pet industry for a long time, I see a ton of pet products on a regular basis and dog treats of all kinds – and the treat market is booming and seemingly not slowing down.  Being very picky of what I feed my dog Cody, here’s a list of treats that I approve of that are Made in the USA, made with great USA sourced ingredients, and some even serve a purpose.  Cody literally drools big time when he is patiently waiting to nosh on any one of these treats below!  In no particular order:

The SmartCookee Company PB’N Jelly Time - just too darn cute, right? Also, a 1 calorie treat – how cool is that? SmartCookee’s founder is passionate about feeding dogs treats that are of high quality and low in calorie.  Many pets across this country are sadly overweight and this is a really great option if you are doing training and/or just can’t resist those puppy dog eyes begging you for just one more treat.  Made with organic and natural ingredients and also chia seeds to help aid in digestion. Flavors include ‘The Great Pumpkin,’ ‘I Yam what I Yam,’ ‘Peas and Carrots’ and there are even holiday treats available now too.  You can see from the pictures below Cody could not wait for me to open this package!

Look Who’s Happy, yup you can tell from this picture below Cody is loving Look Who’s Happy treats. I literally have to hide these treats because Cody can sniff them out!  Look Who’s Happy has a few different line of treats – but the ones picture here are the Happy Wraps.  Cody has been loving all of the flavors picture, Carrot with Chicken recipe, Carrot with Turkey recipe and Sweet Potato with Turkey recipe.  Made with whole muscle chicken, and they contain no by-products, fillers or artificial perserveratives, flavors or colors added.  You can clearly see the carrot and the chicken in the treats.  They are also grain and gluten free. And of course made here in the USA at their family owned plant.  Cody is very happy!

Scout & Zoes has many different products, all sourced and made right here in the USA – and pictured below is a recent contest I held, “Where in the World is Cody” in which Sue Johnson correctly guessed where he was.  She won the Purple Sweet Potato Slabs and Venison Jerky treats.  Sue said, “Jake loves the sweet potato treats, and I can’t believe it because he normally doesn’t like sweet potato at all.”  She told me he of course also loves the venison treats.  Cody did not want to part with Jake’s prize when I handed it to Sue, can’t really blame him!  Visit their website to see the many great products for your pets as they also make treats and products for cats, birds, horses and small animals.

Doggables Dog Scoops are a uniquely shaped cookie that actually serve a purpose. Not wanting to use traditional pockets to give her dog a pill, the founder of the company came up with making an all natural edible scoop in 2 different sizes.  You can use them to administer medication to your dog by hiding it in peanut butter or pumpkin with the scoop – and your dog can eat the entire scoop, handle an all.  Or if you need to give a crated dog medication you can also use the scoop to feed him through the crate.  They have a larger size for big dogs and mini for the small pups, you can see below.  I am going to use these to start giving Cody his fish oil capsules, he loves them just as a treat, but I love what the purpose if for too.  Made with incredible ingredients like: coconut oil, flax seed, barley, salmon oil, pumpkin, oatmeal, cinnamon and peanut butter.  They come in 2 flavors: Pumpkinable and Peanutbutterable.

Halo Live-a-Littles (Cats love these too), ok so I have dubbed this for a long time as ‘Doggie and Kitty crack’ maybe not he best description, but I am telling you once your pet tries these they will be hooked!  I once had a client who’s cat I took care of and she introduced me to these – her cats went bananas for them, and I kid you not using these treats I trained her cat to sit on command, just like a dog for the treat.  If you own a cat you know that is not the norm!  Live-a-littles are freeze dried treats thac come in chicken, salmon or beef.  All sourced and made here in the USA. And if you have a fincky eater these treats crumble very easily – it could be used as that incentive for them to eat their food.  Cody loves them and I am using as a great training tool for him knowing it’s a great high protein snack.

When feeding any treats to your pets, be sure if you give them a lot during the day, (whether you’re doing training or feeling guilty for working so much), be sure to deduct that same amount of their regular food.  We love giving our pups treats, but if you don’t account for all the treats during the day – you could add unwanted extra lbs on your pup, and nobody wants that!

And as a side note, I do not feed my dog: pigs ears, rawhide, hooves, antlers, chicken feet or anything along those lines.  I even stopped giving him bully sticks as his belly didn’t do too well after eating one a few months ago.   It’s a personal choice to not feed him the random body parts of animals – there are too many concerns for blockages if a he didn’t chew a pigs ear enough or a piece of something that broke off that he was chewing on.  I know many dog owners swear by the antlers – again it is just a personal choice.

I do give him big heavy marrow bones – that I get from a health food store, (same place I have been buying them for 20 years), and of course he is montitored while getting all that marrow out – and the bones are sourced and processed from right here in the USA.  These marrow bones never break, splinter or get worn down too much – he loves to get his chew on – and he gets a new one monthly. (Helps keep his teeth clean too!)

All of the treats mentioned above were supplied to us for this pet product review, all reviews are honest and if we didn’t like something we would tell you!

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01 Jun 15

Does your dog eat grass? ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Every dog I have ever had has been a grass eater.  Some more than others – and the old saying, ‘he’s eating grass because he doesn’t feel well’ had nothing to do with why my dogs ate grass.  My doberman Shanna, ate grass daily – and she taught my other dog, my pit bull Max – and he grazed like a cow.  I used to call him Moo Cow – with his coloring it was fitting.

I couldn’t stop them from eating it – and it really seemed like more of a habit than anything else.  I did worry a bit about them eating it, due to fertizliers in the grass and Max did get sick once from eating a brown mushroom in my yard – luckily it was a small one and he was 62 lbs. He was ok, after a visit to the vet and meds, but that made me more diligent about checking to see if there were any shrooms growing in the grass.

My newly adopted dog Cody has started to eat grass a few weeks ago, (and some sticks), with training he is learning to drop the sticks and not eat them – but the grass he still likes to take a bite of.  So what to do?  How do I get him to stop?

When I was at Global Pet Expo in March, one of the booths I stopped at was Pet Greens and I always thought that the grass they had was just for cats.  After speaking with the rep their he told me about the different grasses they had and how dogs can eat them to.  Best part?  Well a few actually, but first they are certified organic and you can grow them conviently at home.  Fun and cool at the same time.  Remember growing sunflowers or seedlings as a kid in school? Kind of like that, and for those of you that don’t have a green thumb – don’t worry anyone can grow this grass.

The grass comes in this super easy ‘Self Grow’ bag – and all the seeds and soil you need.  All you have to do is poke 10 holes in the bottom of the bag, put the seeds about 1/4 inch below the soil and water!

Looks like this after your prepare it.

Cody was inspecting my preparation!

It took about 4 days, which is pretty fast, until I noticed the seeds were sprouting, and probably another four until I had this result.  Now I just break off a handful and give it to Cody, he loves it.  And this grass is Oat, Rye and Barley grass – and organic of course.  You can grow this right in  your window sill or outside near your other seedlings.  I recommend putting a dish or plastic garden container under as you are watering it and did put holes in the bottom of the bag!  It grows pretty quickly so even after you have tore off or cut of the grass, in about 2 days it’s ready to go again.

So now Cody gets a small snipping of this organic grass, probably every 2-days or so.  I have to say he is still eating some grass outside, but it is definitely less than he was.

I really like this product – and for those cat owners out there, they have different varieties of grass you can grow and your cats can safely chew on and eat as well.  What do you think?  Have a grass grazer at home?

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11 Mar 15

Fun finds at Global Pet Expo ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, – Global 2015 Top Picks!

Every year Global Pet Expo gets bigger and better – this year was no exception!  The 3-day pet industry trade show, held in Orlando March 4 – March 6, for manufacturers and retailers was the largest yet, so large in fact they had offered an indoor trolley to get you from one end to the other!  I kid you not!  This pet pro hoofed it the entire time, but it was nice to know that if I needed to – it was there.  And believe me after 3-days of walking/running around 311,300 square feet of trade show floor – that’s equilivant to 16-football fields or four miles, my dogs were barking!

So how to find new, interesting, innovative pet products amoung the 1051 booths at the trade show can be a big challenge – that is what I look for.  In the sea of the 60.5 billion (slated for this year), industry of similar products, I personally like to see what jumps out at me.  Not to say there weren’t amazing products throughout the show, there were and I saw and spoke to a lot of the manufacturers about their products.  It’s truly an incredible industry we are in, but you can get a bit overwhelmed at such a massive show.  I will say that the American Pet Products Association and the Pet Industry Distributors Association who host the show did an outstanding job once again.  I have been to many trade shows in different industries in my lifetime and a big hats off to both them.  (And also to the Impetus Agency for doing an awesome job in the press room and helping us with any questions we had – a very gracious staff).

Here are some items that stood out to me, and more on our facebook page too!

My Dog Nose It is an all natural sun protection for your dog’s nose.  Of course the first question I asked was how does it stay on if your dog licks their nose?  It does dry quickly and since it is all natural you can re-apply it.  Both of my dogs had sun spots on their noses as they got older – this would have been a great product for them since they did spend a lot time playing at the beach on long walks, etc. I really liked the feel of the product, not heavy or overly smelly – I mean you are putting it on their nose.

This was a brand new product that seemed like it could be a lot of fun for you and your kids to build your own dog house.  MyPego has an insteresting concept and you can design the way you want the house to look and pick different sizes.  The house can literally grow with your pet!  In my opinion they would probably be best for medium and small dogs – I can’t see a mastiff in one of these.  Innovative and fun concept for dog houses – check out their website to learn more about this new product.

I like this product a lot, especially if you have allergies.  Think about it you have a dog bed, and maybe you wash the cover of it, but what about the inside bed?  My dog Max’s inside was cedar chips and polyfil – how could I wash that? I couldn’t – wish this product was available then.  AllerEase® is a zippered dog bed protector helps keep the allergens (and fleas and ticks) out of the inside of your dogs bed, think about it dander and pet hair can go right through the bed cover to the inside – this will help keep out that pesky dander and hairs and it is also washable!  AllerEase® provides a simple and affordable solution for the entire family, find out more on their website.

Speaking of beds – here is a family owned and operated busines for over 80 years in which they primarily made blankets and products for babies and kids.  After bringing home many human baby blankets for their dogs, they launched into the pet industry.  Beautiful quality bedding, blankets and many more pet products.  You have to check out Tall Tails website – you will definitely find something you like for your pet that fits perfectly with your home too.

Auburn Leather Crafters have been around for quite some time, but these huge collars perfect for your large and extra large breed of dogs were new this year.  The quality and American craftmanship of their products shines through.  A big fan of this company and their leather products for dogs.  This picture doesn’t do the collars justice, not just beautiful, but functional and perfect for your Mastiff or bully breeds.

The Green Pet Shop have fantastic products that are well green and eco-friendly like this cooling mat that becomes cool on contact when your pet lays on it.  It doesn’t need any special batteries or to be put in the freezer – it has a non-toxic gel that works immediately on contact.  They now also have a whole line of warming products made from bamboo, and many other biodegradeable products as well.  You have to check out their website!

Do you like kale?  I know I like kale in a smoothie, in a salad and love making home made kale chips – so good for you too.  Did you know your dog likes it too?  New to Global this year is a pet treat you can feel good about giving your pup too, Dogs Love Kale.  Dogs are omnivores after all – and there are different flavors for you to choose from. Their ingredients are sourced in the USA and also made in the USA, love that!  Congrats to Paula and Dawn of DLK who are Long Island natives for being at their first Global!

For many more products and pictures from Global Pet Expo – head to the facebook page for American Pet Professionals!  We couldn’t fit all our fun finds in one article!

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24 Sep 14

Total Pet Expo Top Picks ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Fun Pet Product finds in Chicago at Total Pet Expo!

This past weekend traveled to Chicago for the trade show Total Pet Expo to find new, innovative, fun and unique pet products to bring to you.  It may seem like a simple thing to do, but in this 60 million dollar a year industry, I like to see what booth pulls me in!  Here are some of our top picks:

How fun is this double ended dog toy, The Bomber by Zues?  Made of durable natual rubber, it bounces, it floats, you can throw it, kick it for your pup – in two sizes, and while any dog can play with this – it’s perfect for the larger breeds.

Love these cat housing systems by Crijo Pets, they go beyond scratching posts, provide fun cat walks and so much enrichment for your kitty.  Perfect for you cat at home, animal shelter or sanctuary. All the products are made in the USA. Scratching pads are easy to replace and the systems are easy to clean!

Got a messy mutt?  This new feeding system is made from BPA and PVC free FDA food quality silicone in which two stainless steal bowls easily fit into.  The silicone is easy to clean, provides a non-slip surface, can be used indoors or outdoors and comes in many different colors.  Messy Mutts makes this product in large and a small size for dogs and is coming out with cat sizes soon.

The IndestrucaBALL made from mango wood with chips inside so it is interesting to your pet.  Perfect for some of the breeds that rip apart or break other toys easily – this tough toy comes in two sizes and is from Aussie Naturals.

Want to make your own chicken or jerky treats at home? Uncle Ulrick’s just debuted this home kit where you can make the treats in your oven in 3 hours vs. many hours in a traditional dehydrator.  But if doing it at home isn’t your thing, you can pick up a bag of their own line of Chicken, Beef or sweet potato strips all made from USA sourced human quality ingredients.

Love Planet Dog products, if you are thinking of the Holidays – stock up on these finds for great stocking stuffers or house warming gifts to bring to your friend or families house for their dogs during the holidays.

If you’re taking your dog for a walk like this adorable guy Oakley, you need to have a the new DoggieDooAll attached to your leash! The double ended poop bag hold has just what ever poop picker upper needs, sanatizing hand wipes right in the middle of the holder.  No more will you have that yucky, unclean feelig after cleaning up from your pet.  Great for wiping your pups drool and paws too.

Photo credit: DoggieDooAll product show from website.

To see more products and PICTURES from the show, click here!

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18 May 14

Pet products for Spring! ...

By Nancy E. Hassel,

It’s that time of year again, finally warmer nicer weather and everyone is coming out of their hibernation with their pets!  So I ask, do you think about what pet products you need for the spring that will help get your pet while out on a hike or in your local dog friendly park?  You may think of heartworm, flea and tick preventative but what about training aids and products that could help your pet in a bad situation?

Our list for some of the must have products begin with something so simple, but is a must!  The 2 in 1, flea and tick comb made by The Company of Animals – this simple product can help save your pet from pesky ticks as it has a tick remover built in and the comb part is a great way to comb your pets fur to see if he or she has any fleas.

If you are like me, you don’t want to use topical treatments to deal with flea and ticks.   It’s a life style choice, do you have time to check your pet and how you feel about topicals. But after owning 2 dogs in tick infested Long Island – and never using any topical preventatives, (or monthly pill to get rid of fleas), I have never had a problem – why I have used products just like this flea comb to thoroughly check my pets – especially after they have been outside.  This 2 in 1 comb also has a little hole already in it to pop it on your key chain.  And it’s small enough that you can easily put it in your pocket or treat bag holder like the ones from SnapDog Designs. A must if you are training with your dog, or even just for a walk in the woods – it perfectly fits most phones, keys and of course treats for your dog too.

If your looking for some training aids, and have been thinking about training your dog with clicker training – you must get Clix Multi-Clicker.  This clicker you can even change the volume of the click – how cool is that.

It’s great as my Max who is almost 13 doesn’t have the best hearing anymore – but he can definitely hear this clicker on #2 volume level. If you are new to clicker training, hiring a professional dog trainer to show you the ropes will help you and your dog tremendously.  Someone local who specializes in clicker training is Mira Lebstein of Click-n-Train Your Dog.

What about if you are out walking your dog and and there is a loose dog approaching – a product that could help in this situation, (aside from your loud booming voice while standing your ground – telling the other dog to ‘go home’ or ‘get out of here!’), is the Pet Corrector also by In the Company of Animals.  It is a pressurized hand held aerosol type of product that emits a loud hissing sound to stop unwanted behavior.  It is not so loud that it will hurt your dogs ears, but it will definitely get their attention – or just may be the tool you need when an unwanted loose dog is approaching. It can easily fit in your pocket or training bag.

While out and about, you should also always have poop bags to pick up after your pet.  These days there is really no excuse for not picking up and with so many bio-degradeable products it’s an easy way to be conscious of the environment too.  My favorite is Earth Rated Poop Bags, it clips onto your leash, and even has a holder on the back of the dispenser to put the filled bag on until you get to a proper trash receptable, so you don’t have to hold the bag!  You can find these bags at nearly every pet supply store.

Another great idea is to have a portable pet fist aid kit with you, or at the very least in your car for your pet.  Scrapes, cuts and insect bites can and will happen to your pup, so being able to address it immediately is important.

And while you may not think of this, you should apply pet safte sunscreen before heading outdoors.  Especially to pets that have a thin fur coat and light colored pets.  Applying it to the top of their snouts, ears and head helps with sunburn.  My Max is mostly white so if I know he is going to be out for a while in the sun, I put sunscreen on him.  The same goes for all natural pet friendly bug spray – this will help a lot if you have a dog that is prone to being a mosquito or black fly magnet.  One product I like is Buzz Guard by Earth Heart, it works well keeping pests away from Max!  And it is safe and all natural so you can feel confident about using it.

It’s better to be prepared and have great products with you while out with your pup, whether it’s on a long hike or just around the block.  You will have peace of mind knowing you can just enjoy the walk – but that you are prepared to enjoy the season too.