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28 May 10

Summer Safety for Pet Birds ...

May 28, 2010
Summer Safety for Pet Birds

by Susan Chamberlain of 14KaratParrot

Summertime can be the best time of year for your pet bird if you take a few precautions:

  • Keep your bird’s flight feathers trimmed. Escapes often occur during warm weather when doors and windows are opened more frequently. Don’t want to have your bird’s feathers clipped? Be sure your pet is safely inside its cage when doors are likely to be opened.
  • Keep ceiling fans OFF when flighted birds are at liberty inside your home.
  • Make sure window screens are in good repair. This will help keep insects OUT and your birds IN!
  • West Nile Virus is active during the summer. Be sure to prevent standing water in your yard.
  • Take your bird outside safely in its carrier or travel cage.
  • Whether traveling or at home, be sure your bird can seek shade inside its cage or carrier to prevent overheating. Never place an acrylic carrier or cage in direct sun.
  • Remove fresh foods (eggs, fruit, vegetables, etc.) from your bird’s cage after a few hours, as spoilage happens more quickly in the warm months.

So enjoy your summer with your bird and of course keep safety in mind while doing so!

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15 May 10

Baby it’s HOT in here! ...

By Nancy E. Hassel,

Baby it’s HOT in here!

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime! Summertiiimmmme! Okay so it may not quite be summer yet, but on beautiful warm spring days that hint that summer is coming, our minds turn to the beach, boating, bbq’s and more. One thing many people tend to forget or not even think of is pet safety and heat. It’s seems like common sense to many responsible pet owners, but there are often people who for some reason disregard pet safety in the heat of the summer or maybe they are new pet owners and just don’t know better.

One major concern is pets left in cars. It amazes me year after year, that I still see people on a warm day leaving the windows open a crack and leaving their very furry dogs in the car – while they go into a store. According to a study done by San Francisco University, and another study listed on shows how quickly temps rise during a heat wave. (One of the thermometers used in a study was an actual oven thermometer – that should tell you something). Not to mention if it is humid outside, it doesn’t help matters.

Why not try it yourself, without the dog or any pet for that matter of course. Next time it is a beautiful 75 -80 degrees, go sit in your parked car crack the windows a bit and sit in there for 10 -15 minutes. Don’t cheat and drink water or put the AC on. Now imagine yourself in a fur coat without the ability to sweat. Are you hot yet?

Pet owners should also know if you are caught doing this or someone reports your car with a pet in it to the police, the police have the right to break into to your car with whatever means necessary, call animal control and have your pet seized. You may be issued a summons, arrested for animal cruelty, or more. So the next time you are running up to the supermarket on a hot day, please, please, please leave your pets at home in the AC!

See our next article in a series on other safety issues and tips to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy during the summer months.