29 Nov 11

Met the breeds! ...

by Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Were you at Meet the Breeds at the Javits Center in New York City recently?  No?? You missed out on a great event-but I have a ton of great pictures below.  I have been to many dog shows and we all know Westminster is the king of dog shows – but Meet the Breeds hosted by the AKC was a entirely different way to meet both dog and cat breeds up close and not feel squished by the large dog show crowds.  And not to mention there were many fabulous vendors selling and some even giving away products – it was a heavy tote bag trip back to Penn Station for me!

Portuguese Pointer

One of the really interesting breeds I came across, and I have been to rare breed dog shows, but have never seen the Portuguese Pointer before.  A very pretty dog and I hate to say it, but kind of a puggle face – but prettier – sorry puggle fans – the Portuguese Pointer was fawn in color with some white blazing on her chest and dates back to the 14th Century, long before a mix of beagle and puggle became so popular.  So if you’re looking for a bigger dog that is a purebred and who’s face kinda sorta resembles the puggle this dog could be for you.  BUT you should always research ANY breed before you decide to adopt from a rescue group or purchase from a reputable breeder.  That’s why Meet the Breeds is such a great event – there are experts in the breeds representing many types of dogs and cats – and these breeder, owner and dog handlers can tell you much about the breeds, their habits, traits, health and much more.  They can even help you in determining if a breed is right for your lifestyle, like if you are an active person, looking for a jogging companion, or just looking for a lap dog.

Barbet - there is a dog under all that fur!

Another breed I never saw in person was the Barbet – a French water dog – most similar to the Portuguese water dog.  The Barbet also dates back to the 14th century.  The there was the Cirneco dell’Etna – which is basically looks exactly like a Pharaoh Hound, just about ½ the size – very unique and pretty looking dog and in existence for 2,500 years having it’s first pictorial reference in Sicily.  The Cirneco, like the Pharaoh hound is both a sight and scent hound.


In the cat section, there were so many beautiful cats, I was in cat heaven – and did not have one allergy problem.  The coolest cat I saw, not just because of his beautiful markings but he was so chilled out was the Bengal.  Gorgeous cat – and his owner had a ton of information for the crowd of people asking.  Another cat was the Munchkin, which has legs about ½ the size of a normal cat.  The owner say it doesn’t affect their movement or agility – but I did feel a little bad for the cat – but then thinking about it, I don’t feel bad for their short legged counterparts like a bassett hound!  Another cat you don’t see every day was the American Curls – who have ears that at the tip are curled back a bit – adorable cat – very playful and sweet.  For more information on cat breeds go to The International Cat Association.  Go to Meet the Breeds for more information on next year’s show and see below for more pictures I took from the event.

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