08 Nov 14

Starved Mastiff rescued by Save-A-Pe ...

By Nancy E. Hassel, LIPetPlace.com

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a very sweet Cane Corso, Italian Mastiff, named Bella Mia.

Neglected, overbred practically to death, starved, dumped and left for dead in Brooklyn.

Sweet, curious, gentle and active despite being emaciated and full of scars.

I will never understand how inhumane and horrible the human race can be to our beloved animals.

This is Bella Mia after two weeks at Save-a-Pet in Pt. Jefferson, and she has gained weight.  Think about that she has gained weight.

While taking photos, Bella was a bit all over the place and didn’t care about the toy I had with a squeaker in it, chances are she never had a toy before and didn’t know what to think.  But being this sweet, and curious girl she was sniffing the bag I was holding that had treats in it! (Smart girl).  I took out one of the Uncle Ulrick’s Made in the USA treats I had and that was it.  Her tail was wagging in a blur, she was very excited over this treat (as you can imagine from being starved).  She sat immediately, without being asked.  I gave her part of the treat and she was very soft mouthed and gentle.  Here is a dog who was obviously owned, who knew how to sit on command, took treats very, very nicely and yet this is what her humans did to her.

Bella Mia staring at the treat I had in my hand, which of course I gave to her right after this picture.

A couple of weeks ago if it wasn’t for someone tagging Dori Scofield of Save-A-Pet on a Facebook post for an urgent Cane Corso at the Brooklyn AC&C – Bella Mia’s fate would more than likely have been sealed.  Bella Mia is about 5 – 6 years old – maybe a little older – but she didn’t seem more than 6 to me.  Yes, she has some scars, she was overbred by some POS of a human – but she is super sweet.  She is actually not huge for a Cane Corso, in my opinion,  but she is not a small dog! :)  If you think you are interested in adopting her, contact Save-A-Pet, and please give this sweet dog the 2nd chance at life and spoil her, let her sleep on the couch and live a pampered life that she deserves.

Thank you to whoever tagged Dori in that Facebook post, and of course a big thank you to Dori to stepping up to take Bella Mia, saving her life, and giving her a new one.

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