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16 Feb 15

Westminster Agility, meets the breed ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

The 2nd Annual Westminster Masters Agility Championship was held in New York City on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at Pier 94. This was my 2nd year there, and it did not disappoint – very exciting to watch the finals!  Many dogs from Long Island were there representing, and dogs you don’t always see in agility like: Dobermans, Rotties, AmStaffs, mixed breeds, among the speed demons – aka the Border Collie.

Doberman from Lake Grove, NY - she was awesome!

I am telling you now, if you didn’t go, you have to plan to attend next year’s event.  Check out some of our video coverage from the event below and to see a lot more pictures, CLICK HERE.

In addition to the agility, the American Kennel Club hosted their annual ‘Meet the Breeds’ next door at Pier 92.  This event is normally held at the Javits Center, and usually has cats too – but this year it was just for dogs.  To say it was crowded would be a huge understatement.  Despite the frigid temperatures and snow falling outside, the line was incredibly long to get in!  The picture below is from inside, that crowd went all the way back to the end of the pier!

This breed of dog kind of looks like a sheepdog in wools clothing perhaps?  It is a Bergamasco!

Can you figure out what breed this is? Looks a little like a large Carin terrier right? It is a Berger Picard.

Another local Long Island Doberman from Huntington – what a beauty!

New to Westminster this year is the Coton de tulear.

The Wired Haired Vizla is also new to West minster this year.

A breed I have never seen before and used to hunt boar in Japan is the Kishu Ken –  this dog was as sweet as could be.

To see a lot more pictures from Meet the Breeds CLICK HERE!

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15 Feb 12

Pek is the Pick, Westminster ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

A new dog is crowned the best in show for the 136th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the Pekingese GCH Palacegarden Malachy and did you know the Best in Show (BIS) judge is from Long Island?  While I was cheering for Fifi the Doberman to win, (for obvious reasons) she didn’t grab the BIS title.  The Westminster Dog Show is the Superbowl of dog shows and with 2,000 dogs competing this year at Madison Square Garden, I would not want to have to pick the winner!  People come from all over the country and the world to compete or just to attend as a spectator.

After being at Westminster all day on Valentine’s day, I was reading the guide and record and it occurred to me, the 136 Annual dog show.  That’s 136 years this show has been happening, and started back in 1876, really quite remarkable.  Another piece of interesting history, for all you history buffs out there – did you know that the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show is one of only 3 tenants to have been in every one of the four different incarnations of Madison Square Garden – and Westminster started prior to the first MSG location.  MSG was originally it was called Gillmore’s Gardens and was located at 26th and Madison Avenue.  The current location of MSG is the fourth place MSG has been located.  Who knew?

The Clumber Spaniel was one of the first breeds in the early days of Westminster

As more and more dog breeds are accepted in the the American Kennel Club and now being shown at Westminster – there is a much broader scope of fans, onlookers and attendees at the show.  The show seemed a little more crowded to me this year than last and this year 6 new breeds were competing: the Cesky Terrier; Entlebucher Mountain Dog; Finnish Lapphund; Norwegian Lundehund (a dog with 6 toes on each foot); and probably the most unique looking dog the Xoloitzcuintli the national dog of Mexico – commonly called the ’show-low’ for short.  The hairless breed was originally called the Mexican Hairless – who knows why the name was changed, but really a cool looking dog.  I do however prefer dogs with fur! And even only last year the Cane Corso, once considered a rare breed was let into Westminster and I think there were 20 dogs competing today.

Cane Corso

Dog shows in my opinion have evolved in the way of the crowd – it’s not the average dog show person that you see at the event – but every day dog owners and dog lovers.  It’s such fun way to see so many breeds in one spot and have such an enthusiastic crowd at Westminster.  You can ask the handlers questions about the dogs, get ideas if a certain dog is for you, etc. Even Pet Celebrities like Victoria Stillwell was there meeting dogs and speaking with people.

Victoria Stillwell of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog

And if for some reason you can’t hop on the LIRR to head into the show next year, you can join in on their social media craze.  Social Media for Westminster has taken off like wild fire in the past two years.  The Facebook Page for Westminster has over 96 thousand fans and during the two days of the show fans watching the show were tweeting with the #WKC hashtag.  Last year the day after the BIS win – their website had 10.2 million page views – amazing!

As cool as that all is – we all just want to route for our favorite breed or local owner who has a dog in the show, like Lynn the only female Harlequin Great Dane that was in the Great Dane Ring today, Lynn is from Patchogue.  There are many stories like that and many dogs from Long Island who competed the last two days at Westminster.  Do you have a dog that competed from Long Island? (more pictures below)

Sleepy girl!

English Mastiff takes a rest right in the middle of the floor!

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04 May 11

by Robyn Elman, In Home Pet Services, Inc.

We all have read stories about how much pets can help disabled humans – from seeing-eye dogs, to therapy dogs, to the simple act of reducing our blood pressure by petting a cat or dog. What happens when the tables are turned and the pets are the ones who become disabled? Every year since 2006 we celebrate National Specially-Abled Pets Day on May 3rd to show case the amazing ways our pets and animals adapt that may have become challenged due to disease, birth flaws or injuries and develop greater senses and abilities.  I like to think we can celebrate them everyday!

Being a professional pet sitter since 2003, I have seen, worked with and helped clients with pets that are Specially-Abled over the years.  It is inspiring and touching to see the lengths people will go to give back to their pets. Take the story of an adult male German Shepherd owned by a 110lb. woman in Bayside, NY.  When his bone cancer became more aggressive and started spreading, there was no choice but to amputate one of his hind legs. A specially made harness was needed to help to lift up and support his rear while walking.  The client dedicated herself to helping her best companion to learn to walk again.  The dog was depressed in the beginning and didn’t want to walk, but she stuck by him. She actually began to work out to gain more strength in her upper body, and worked with her dog every day. We would come midday while she was at work to continue the routine of motivation and lifting him up to get his first few steps started. Through her hard work, compassion, and dedication, after only a couple of months he started to enjoy walking again. He was no longer depressed, loved to sit outside on the porch and even played ball.

I have also seen how pet lovers will not hesitate to bring an already disabled dog into their lives – especially ones who are blind or deaf. My staff and I have had the pleasure of learning how to care for these pets, and we are happy to go the extra mile to assist them in their care and help their owners too.  With a deaf dog or cat, it’s still our habit to talk to or call out to the non-hearing dogs, learning to tap on the floor so they know there is someone there, (they can feel the vibrations), and using a lot of visual cues.  Each dog has their own unique visual cues – just like human sign language.

For blind dogs, besides using a lot of audio signals, we let the dogs use their nose to approach and smell us before we use touch. It is amazing to see their ability to adapt to their environment. Once they get used to the layout of a room and house, they can navigate it without any hesitation.

Animals have a spirit and determination that never ceases to amaze me – and the kindness of people amazes me as well. With all our pets do to try and please us, it’s great to see people giving back to them – they deserve it!  After all, pets are considered part of the family these days and sometimes are treated better.

Shanna, lost her leg to cancer - lived until a happy, healthy 12.5 years as a 3 - legged wonder dog, inspiring people everywhere she went!

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01 May 11

Mayday for Midnight ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Mayday for Midnight

Mayday is a distress signal and this beautiful purebred female Doberman located right here on Long Island – well she is definitely in distress.  While many people don’t want to hear about dogs like Midnight, want to turn away – please take a moment to read her story.  She is begging you too.

Midnight is approximately 9-years old has lived the majority of her life outside – at the end of a chain.  Unfortunately this is more common than Long Islanders would like to think, especially those who pamper and spoil our dogs.  Think about it, a short haired dog living outside, and then think about how cold our winter was, and how much rain we have had the past month – Midnight was outside. Sadly there was another Doberman with her, a male – but he didn’t make it through the winter, and Midnight was left alone, outside, with no one.

However, Midnight’s luck started to turn for the better when a local non-profit rescue organization working in the area, RSVP (Responsible Solutions for Valued Pets), got word of the situation.  Most animal lovers would want to criticize, verbally bash the owners, call the ASPCA or police over Midnight’s situation – but RSVP and their volunteer dog behaviorist and trainer Kathleen Gallina of Zen Dog took a much different approach, one which may make you think differently.  Kathleen began to work with the owners to teach them how important Midnight is and taught them to care for her better.  The owners have been listening, and following her instructions – which if you’re a dog trainer or animal rescue person of any kind – getting an owner to listen and follow through is no small feat.

RSVP provided Midnight with an enclosed proper dog house, hay for warmth and comfort, a crate for inside the house and training advice.  Now at least Midnight can go into the dog house if it starts to rain and she the owners have been bringing her inside at night.  She is also lucky to have a care taker on the premises, (the owners tenant),  – which RSVP also helped teach how to care for Midnight. Kathleen and RSVP also check in on her at least two times a week, and give her bones to chew on.  RSVP also provided much needed veterinary care, she was already spayed, is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, on Frontline, monthly heartguard, and glucosamine supplements.

Kathleen said, “We get out into the community and improve the quality of life for dogs on Long Island beginning with educating the owners and providing services that would otherwise never reach these dogs and owners.”  One of the other volunteers of RSVP is Samantha Mullen who lives somewhat nearby and they do outreach near the location.  RSVP has helped get many dogs spayed and neutered – that would have never been done, and thus prevented many litters of unwanted puppies.

Kathleen is a big Pit Bull advocate and that is the main breed she works with, but RSVP is always willing to help dogs in need, and where there immediately when they heard about Midnight. When I asked her what was it about Midnight that stuck out she said, “Midnight has a personality that just makes her shine, she is very appreciative of anything she is given. She is without a doubt an amazing companion dog.”

While Midnight is now getting much needed care and attention – she is still living outside, alone for the most part.  RSVP is desperately looking for a foster or even better a Forever home for this beautiful, regal, and oh so sweet Doberman. (And I can say that I met her yesterday – she definitely had that Doberman lean, was great on a leash and just so sweet to the 4 new people she met).  “Midnight may do well with a very appropriate male dog. Although I am sure she would love to have all the attention in an only pet home which is probably ideal,” said Kathleen.

So if you know of anyone who can help, and find this girl a loving, warm, happy home please contact Kathleen at or Samantha of RSVP.


Meeting Midnight for the first time, so sweet.

Help, I need a home!