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06 Oct 13

Basset Hound Olympics ...

By Nancy E. Hassel,

The Basset Hound Olympics took place on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Wantagh Park in Wantagh, NY.  Hosted by Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue who has been rescuing Bassets for the past 28 years, throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The fundraiser brought Bassets of all ages, sizes and droopy adorableness as they took to the high jump, the obstacle course, 10 meter sprint and 16 inch hurdle.

There were around 40 Basset Hounds at the event partaking in the Oympics and also Basset that were available for adoption through the rescue group.

A arrrooohhinng good time was had by all like this guy!  For more pictures from the event, Click Here!

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01 Oct 13

Strutting Breeds in NYC ...

By Nancy E. Hassel,

Two different events in New York City on Saturday, September 28, 2013 brought in pet lovers from all over the tri-state area.  The first was Best Friends Animal Society’s Strutt your Mutt fundraising dog walk – held at Pier 84 on Hudson River Park – hundreds of people and their pets strutted 2 miles to help raise funds for homeless pets. It was a beautiful day – you could not have asked for more goregous weather over looking the Hudson River.

The event is held all over the country all to help Best Friends continue to do the great work they do.

If you missed the event you can still send in a donation here, and put a save the date on your calendar for next year.  A fantastic event and breathtaking NYC location!
For more pictures on Strutt your Mutt, click here!

Just a few blocks away at the Jacob Javits Center, the American Kennel Club (AKC) held their annual ‘Meet the breeds‘ event where dogs and cats (and their owners or breeders) from around the country were their educating the public about their breeds. More than 200 different kinds of dogs and cats were at the show.

During the event there were many vendors to visit and a lot of different shows on the show floor – from agility demos, cart pulling dogs, police K9 units, obedience, a cat fashion show…yes I said cat fashion show, and much more!

One thing that you may not realize is, many of the breeders at the event are also associated with breed specific rescue groups whether it is a dog or cat.  I saw different booths with information on rescue groups for their breed, and listened to couple of passionate dog breeders who are also heavily involved with rescue.

It is a great event to see breeds you might not have ever heard of, like the hound above which is a Hamiltonstovare, or if you just love seeing cats and dogs hamming it up in one place.  One thing I will say is, if next year you plan on going to the event and bringing your human kids with you – please remind them of their manners in petting the animals, to always ask before they pet, and to not be overly pushy, etc.  I witnessed a few incidents of parents have zero control over their kids and some of the pet owners having to instruct them ‘not to hit the cat over the head with a cat toy,’ I kid you not! (This pet pro got hit in the face with a cat toy by one unruly child, ugh!)

I think it is a great place to bring your children to see, learn and enjoy pets – but some guidence ahead of time will make for a  better experience overall!

To see many more pictures from Meet the Breeds, click here!

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24 Sep 13

New products, Total Pet Expo ...

By Nancy E. Hassel,

The Total Pet Expo, by H.H. Backer Associates was held in Chicago this past weekend at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and there were 2 levels of pet products, and nearly 700 booths to see.   The show, which debuted a new name and earlier time in the season were expecting about 8,000 buyers to attend.  A few buyers I spoke with said they loved that it was earlier in the season, because it makes it easier for them prepare their pet shops, supply stores, boutiques and grooming shops ready for the holiday season.

While there was so much to take in some products jumped out at you – like this blinged out dog feeding station from.  They had many different colors and styles to choose from.  While I love the look of this, and know many of my doggie fashionista friends will too, maybe not for the drooliest dog! (How do you clean that so it stays so sparkly? Or maybe that is your dog’s holiday china?)

A couple of the interactive toys that stood out to me were Kong’s new Kong Quest, (get it? love the play on words), and Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff Snoop.  Both have completely different designs to keep your pup busy and active while trying to get a treat.  And I think Kong’s could be used for a cat too – maybe with Halo’s Liv-a-Little’s treats put in there – how to drive a cat crazy!  The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop can also hold a ball too – so for that ball obessed dog this could be a neat toy to watch them get the ball out with treats hidden underneath!  For us humans to clean the toy, you can easily pop the top up and clean it.

Of course while I was there I had to stop by and say hi to our friends at Earth Rated the makers of PoopBags.  They have been so supportive of many Long Island pet events and have such a great, biodegradable, earth friendly product. (I use everyday while walking Max!) They are currently in 4,000 stores across the US, so if some reason your pet retailer doesn’t carry the product, request it!

Speaking of Long Island, one of our very own members of Long Island Pet Professionals, Bob Brennan was also at the show as a vendor with his great products, Dr. Emmo’s Pet First Aid by Pet Clenz.  This is a great product and I use the Wound Care Gel on Max, really gentle and helped him a lot with a small wound he had on his foot.   They are now coming out with a product for horses too and soon to debut an eye care product for your pets too.

I always love to see new products debuting at shows like this, whether it is a new company or a well established one with a new product.  These beautiful hand beaded collars by Dosha Dog caught my eye.  This would be best worn on a short haired dog, in my opinion, as I can easily see a dog with longer hair – getting their fur caught inbetween the beads.  So for my short haired doggie fashion friends, I think these collars would be a nice pop on your cute pups.

There were a lot of gift items you can give your pet parent friends at the show too.  One that adorns your favorite breed of dog, and keeps you dry at the same time were adogable umbrellas by The San Francisco Umbrella Company.  With about 30 popular breeds to choose from (and yes they have an American Pit Bull Terrier one too!), and many color options, this is a cute pet gift item to give the pet lover who has everything!

On the second floor of the show, they had a full sized demo of a pet store called the ‘Store on the Floor’ to give buyers great ideas to display pet merchandise, products and how to lay out your store in a consumer friendly way.  Inside the store on the floor, they had puppies and kittens that were up for adoption with the Tails Humane Society – so a nice to see a push for adopting pets out of stores vs. selling.  It was great to see at a major pet trade show – the pushing of adoption and working with your local rescue groups.

Overall the show was great seeing a lot of new products, getting to participate in the ‘Smart Zone Education Station’ a series of seminars with expert speakers from around the country, meeting new pet professionals and see many friends and associates.  For MANY more PICTURES, click here – a lot more products in our photo section on Facebook too!

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18 Sep 13

S&R Water Dogs ...

By Nancy E. Hassel,

Did you know that Search and Rescue dogs also rescue people from UNDER water?  How amazing are dogs, first of all – most of us know that – but to watch these dogs detect people under water – well was just incredible.

The S&R dogs for this water training were from Ramapo, NJ and were doing drills with the West Isip fire department recently on a beautiful September Sunday.

The S&R dog is sniffing the air and looking for a scuba diver here.

Here’s how they do it, the dog can detect the smell of human skin cells, yes even from someone being under water.  There were scuba divers under water waiting for the dogs to detect them.  Once the dog detects where they think the person is ‘hiding’ the dog start barking to alert his handler.  If the dog is correct the scuba diver taps on the boat and the dog is rewarded with a toy.

Here is 10 year old Chief getting his 'toy' the stick from the scuba diver he just found!

If you have ever watched any S&R drill or training exercise, and even police dogs – they go nuts for their reward which is usually a toy, a ball or stick.  Really quite fascinating to watch, as we know some of our spoiled dogs take their time just sitting for a treat!

This fella was loving his toy!

The owners are dog owners who volunteer with S&R but go through extensive training with their dogs.  This day was a yearly drill or training exercise for the dogs, and dog after dog went out in a boat with their handlers and barked and found the ‘victims’ pretty quickly.  One dog had a hard time as the wind picked up and the scent was coming from behind him, so he was barking about 15 feet to far off in the wrong spot.  Eventually he did find the scuba diver.  That is why these training sessions are so important to keep the dogs and their handlers ready in any S&R rescue mission.

Searching, searching, searching!

To see a lot more pictures, click here!  A big thanks to everyone involved with and S&R – as you are all so important. For more info about S&R Ramapo dogs go to their website here.

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09 Sep 13

Puppy Soul Mate? ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Do you have a puppy soul mate? For most dog owners you know exactly what I am talking about that, the dog that you have or had in your life that was destined to be with you. Many dog owners refer to this dog as their ‘heart’ dog.  It’s not like loving one dog more than another, it’s more like the bond with your heart dog or soul mate dog is just different than other dogs you own (or have owned.)

There is just something about that dog that is different that you connect with more.  It can’t be explained rationally – but many dog owners know what I mean.  If you know me, you know I love my dog Max, and do everything I can to keep him healthy and happy at his senior age of 12 (although the puppiness still comes out daily with him!).  But if you really knowme, my dog Shanna was, so far, my heart dog.  Hopefully I will be lucky enough to have many different heart dogs throughout my lifetime, and it’s nothing against my Max – he has my heart – it’s just a different bond that’s all.(Little stinkerpants that he is!! BOL!)

Max used to sit on top of Shanna as a puppy once he got to big to lay next her! Stinker!

A story I read recently caught my attention not just because of the ’soul puppy’ status, but because of the three legged dog in the picture.  My Shanna was a 3 legged girl the last 4 years of life due to cancer – and while she was a show off on her 3 legs – she was also looked upon sadly by people that didn’t know her.  It didn’t slow her down and I think we shouldn’t look upon dogs or humans if they are missing a limb any differently. Dogs are resilient and so are many people like Kate and her puppy soul mate, here is her story:

I really am an animal lover and always have been since I was little.  With that said, I still wouldn’t have expected to be 21 years old, working and attending school full time while learning a new lifestyle as an above knee amputee, and then have the most perfect little dog fall into my life unexpectedly. It was so coincidental that I didn’t think twice before I deemed her mine forever and my puppy soul mate.

Fifteen months into my recovery I was successfully wearing a C-Leg daily, and for the last two of those months I had been walking on my own.  I was assistance free, no crutches or canes, and I was finally feeling like myself again. Well, a new me, but much better than I had felt in a year (a really long and hard year) of physical therapy and loads of determinationREAD more of Kate’s story by clicking here.