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28 Jun 11

Gardens for ARF ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Every year Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF)  has a fundraising garden tour of six luxurious homes scattered throughout the south fork of Long Island.  You kind feel like you’re on a scavenger hunt, but without collecting any stuff, just taking pictures of beautiful gardens and some very unique homes.  This year was no different while ARF celebrated the 25th Anniversary of hosting the garden tour on Saturday, June 18th, 2011.

The tour cost $75 per ticket to attend and all the proceeds raised go to help the pets and helps ARF to continue to their amazing work to help the homeless pets their.

We started the tour somewhat backwards-at the 6th house – but that is part of the fun of the tour – it’s self guided and you are not rushed through.  The tour starts at 10am and ends at 4pm.  While you do need a car to get to each locale, the houses are not walking distance from each other, it is worth the trip.  As someone who is probably now considered a “local” (living on the East End for nearly 6 years), I am still amazed at some of the areas I have yet to see.  The ARF garden tour brings you down streets and gravel roads – you might not have otherwise gone down before – so it’s a little adventure too.

While on the tour we were greeted by Pearl, who I met two years before on the tour.  I recognized this beautiful sweetheart of a pit bull.  This tour however is really for people – Pearl was just a greeter with her volunteer Mom & Dad at one of the houses.  We met many people along the way on the tour, and I can tell you most were not even from the East End!  We met people from Islip, East Islip, Connecticut, West Babylon and more.  So if you want to be somewhat of a voyeur and see some beautiful homes, and be able to give back at the same time – be sure to plan for next year’s ARF Garden Tour!  And of course if you are looking to adopt a cat or dog, head to their wonderful shelter in Wainscott (that’s between Southampton and East Hampton!).

Pearl Girl!

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26 May 11

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Breath of Fresh Air

While many of our volunteer fire companies on Long Island have been struggling to keep our animal friends safe, they are unable to purchase pet oxygen masks and as a result animals from dogs to cats are being put in serious danger, with many dying from the effects of smoke asphyxiation.  Pets in Suffolk County will now be breathing easier, and so will some of our local fire departments all because of the efforts of two teenage boys in Dix Hills and their partnership with Canine Fence.    Matthew and Marc Klinger, 15 and 13, co-founders of the Paws4Air foundation wanted to change that.  They started Paws4Air when they found out that their fire department did not carry pet oxygen masks on any of their fire trucks. Fire departments cannot use their money to buy these masks, because they can only purchase equipment that is used to help humans. They quickly used their birthday money to purchase the sets needed for their fire department. “Our goal is to equip every first response truck in Suffolk County with the much needed pet oxygen masks.” said Matthew and Marc.

Paws4Air created pet oxygen awareness bands that they sell to raise funds and awareness. Bands can be purchased from their website . They have had great help in selling the bands to students in their school district, Half Hollow Hills from the Animal Friends and Advocates Clubs at both the high schools, East and West, and the Leaders Club at West Hollow Middle School.

With their good fortune to partner up with Canine Fence, Paws4Air will be able to obtain their goal much faster!  Canine Fence have generously pledged to donate 50 Project Breathe O2 pet masks to help in the effort to equip every first response fire truck in Suffolk County, Long Island. As well as match one set for every one set purchased through fundraising by Paws 4Air. With the donations from Canine Fence and the sales of awareness bands, Paws4Air were able to give the fire companies in Commack, East Northport, and Elwood pet oxygen masks. In the next few weeks, many more fire departments in the Suffolk county area will be getting their sets!

Thanks to the efforts of two young men, and their charitable organization Paws4Air along with the contributions of Canine Fence® steps are being taken in the right direction.

Photo (left to right) Maryflorence Brennan (Canine Fence), Kieran Keane (Commack Fire Department), Marc Klinger (Paws4Air), Matthew Klinger (Paws4Air)

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01 May 11

Mayday for Midnight ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Mayday for Midnight

Mayday is a distress signal and this beautiful purebred female Doberman located right here on Long Island – well she is definitely in distress.  While many people don’t want to hear about dogs like Midnight, want to turn away – please take a moment to read her story.  She is begging you too.

Midnight is approximately 9-years old has lived the majority of her life outside – at the end of a chain.  Unfortunately this is more common than Long Islanders would like to think, especially those who pamper and spoil our dogs.  Think about it, a short haired dog living outside, and then think about how cold our winter was, and how much rain we have had the past month – Midnight was outside. Sadly there was another Doberman with her, a male – but he didn’t make it through the winter, and Midnight was left alone, outside, with no one.

However, Midnight’s luck started to turn for the better when a local non-profit rescue organization working in the area, RSVP (Responsible Solutions for Valued Pets), got word of the situation.  Most animal lovers would want to criticize, verbally bash the owners, call the ASPCA or police over Midnight’s situation – but RSVP and their volunteer dog behaviorist and trainer Kathleen Gallina of Zen Dog took a much different approach, one which may make you think differently.  Kathleen began to work with the owners to teach them how important Midnight is and taught them to care for her better.  The owners have been listening, and following her instructions – which if you’re a dog trainer or animal rescue person of any kind – getting an owner to listen and follow through is no small feat.

RSVP provided Midnight with an enclosed proper dog house, hay for warmth and comfort, a crate for inside the house and training advice.  Now at least Midnight can go into the dog house if it starts to rain and she the owners have been bringing her inside at night.  She is also lucky to have a care taker on the premises, (the owners tenant),  – which RSVP also helped teach how to care for Midnight. Kathleen and RSVP also check in on her at least two times a week, and give her bones to chew on.  RSVP also provided much needed veterinary care, she was already spayed, is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, on Frontline, monthly heartguard, and glucosamine supplements.

Kathleen said, “We get out into the community and improve the quality of life for dogs on Long Island beginning with educating the owners and providing services that would otherwise never reach these dogs and owners.”  One of the other volunteers of RSVP is Samantha Mullen who lives somewhat nearby and they do outreach near the location.  RSVP has helped get many dogs spayed and neutered – that would have never been done, and thus prevented many litters of unwanted puppies.

Kathleen is a big Pit Bull advocate and that is the main breed she works with, but RSVP is always willing to help dogs in need, and where there immediately when they heard about Midnight. When I asked her what was it about Midnight that stuck out she said, “Midnight has a personality that just makes her shine, she is very appreciative of anything she is given. She is without a doubt an amazing companion dog.”

While Midnight is now getting much needed care and attention – she is still living outside, alone for the most part.  RSVP is desperately looking for a foster or even better a Forever home for this beautiful, regal, and oh so sweet Doberman. (And I can say that I met her yesterday – she definitely had that Doberman lean, was great on a leash and just so sweet to the 4 new people she met).  “Midnight may do well with a very appropriate male dog. Although I am sure she would love to have all the attention in an only pet home which is probably ideal,” said Kathleen.

So if you know of anyone who can help, and find this girl a loving, warm, happy home please contact Kathleen at or Samantha of RSVP.


Meeting Midnight for the first time, so sweet.

Help, I need a home!

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27 Apr 11

Mina’s Story ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Mina’s Story

Margaret Norris was so excited last summer to bring home a new member of the family, Mina.  Adopted as a small kitten from Last Hope Animal Rescue last summer, Mina, a jet black cat who is now almost a year old cat had a very scary health problem just this past March.  After a visit to the vet for her rabies shot, Mina have such a very rare and uncommon reaction to the vaccination, it had doctor’s baffled.

We adopted our kitty, Mina, from a shelter when she was two months old and she has been just the sweetest little girl – very affectionate, loves to be held and carried. Mina had been given vaccinations by the shelter vet before we got her, and got some additional vaccinations from our vet when she was four months old, with no problems.

A couple of weeks ago I took her in for her final vaccine, for rabies. She seemed fine for a day or so, and then gradually began to become very lethargic and stopped eating and drinking. Four days after the vaccine I took her back to the vet because she hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for more than 24 hours. She had begun hiding behind furniture and wouldn’t come out. When I took her in to the vet she could barely pick her head up off the examining table, and when the vet palpitated her abdomen she practically snarled at him.

He kept her at his clinic for four days and she seemed slightly better after she got some IV fluids and an antibiotic. Unfortunately, her blood tests came back showing that she was extremely anemic, and she would need blood transfusions. At this point he was stymied as to what was causing the symptoms because apparently it is highly unusual to have this kind of a reaction to the rabies vaccine. (There are some other very rare reactions, but anemia isn’t one of them.)

He sent her to a veterinary internal medicine specialist, who was also baffled. The specialist vet gave her two kitty blood transfusions, did ultrasound and discovered her spleen was enlarged, and did a whole bunch of other tests which ruled out feline leukemia and blood parasites. His final diagnosis was that the rabies vaccine somehow caused her immune system to attack her red blood cells, so he put her on steroids to suppress the immune response.

Fortunately, all of this treatment saved the kitty’s life, but it came at a cost of almost $4000. Luckily for us, we decided to buy Trupanion Pet Health Insurance a few months ago, so we will only end up paying $400 instead. When we signed up for the policy I kind of thought it was a waste of money, but not any more. While the insurance is relatively inexpensive- $20 a month for Mina – for young animals, I’ve decided to add our two older animals to the policy too. Pet health insurance – $20 a month – not having to watch our beloved kitty die because the treatment is too expensive – priceless.”

Margaret initially knew a friend that had pet health insurance and heard about Trupanion through her veterinarian’s office.  She said they are very happy with Trupanion, the plan, policies and customer service.  For Mina her future prognosis is good, she does have to go for follow up blood count at the vet soon – but Margaret said she is back to her old happy, sweet, playful self.  Margaret also said, although Mina had this ordeal, she will still always vaccinate her other pets with the rabies vaccination – as this was such a rare thing to happen – that the doctor’s never heard of this before.  The rabies vaccination is also required by New York State Law – and since we have had outbreaks in raccoons over the last few years in our area – it would be irresponsible and unlawful not to vaccinate.

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24 Apr 11

Tyler’s Happy Easter Tail ...

by Pamela Fitzpatrick, of YourDogWalkers,

Who rescued who?
Tyler’s “Happy Tail”

Caring for a pet has been found to have both physical and mental benefit for owners. Interacting with a dog or cat can lower blood pressure and cholesterol and decrease stress and anxiety. Pet adoption is actually a two way street – rescued animals give back so much that sometimes it can be hard to tell who rescued who.

I met Heather and Tyler at the Bayport parade in March and Heather graciously agreed to share their story. Tyler is an adorable little ball of fluff- the kind of puppy you can’t help but fall in love with instantly. He is just about 4 months old, and has lived with his new family for a little over a month.

Last fall, Heather was in a car accident which left her and her daughter seriously injured. In addition to the physical injuries, the accident was emotionally devastating, leaving them both suffering from post traumatic stress. Heather’s daughter is a twin, so her distress affected her sibling as well. Heather’s husband Michael thought that adopting a dog might provide a needed distraction and help his family heal. Preferring a puppy, Heather and Michael were both determined to adopt an animal in need.

After doing a lot of research, Michael and Heather contacted Anarchy Animal Rescue.  This group was founded in 2010 with the dual goals of facilitating pet adoption while rescuing animals suffering in puppy mills. Tyler was born in a puppy mill, and most likely would have ended up being over bred, eventually discarded when his use was finished.

Tyler was in need of a family to love, and Heather and her family needed a bright spot in a bleak time. Adopting Tyler into their family really did the trick! Heather told me how he loves to cuddle, and instantly blended right in to their routine. He greets the family every morning and rides along to take the kids to school. He is bright, and doing very well with housebreaking and obedience training for such a young dog.

What a great story! Tyler got his forever home with a loving family that really needed him too.

Please…..if you’re considering adding a dog or cat to your family, consider adoption. There are so many needy animals, young and old, purebreds and mixes, who are waiting anxiously for someone to take them home. From my own experience, I have found that rescued pets are truly grateful, it’s as if they know that you saved them. Rescue a pet, you’ll be glad you did!