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27 Jan 15

Dog Training Seminar & Mastermi ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

January is ‘National Train Your Dog Month’ and in recognition of that, American Pet Professionals, formerly (Long Island Pet Professionals), is hosting a brand new seminar and mastermind event for Dog Training Professionals – the first of it’s kind on Long Island, NY.

The Dog Training Seminar and Mastermind event is taking place on Thursday, January 29, 2015 from 12:30pm- 5pm at the UpSky Hotel (formerly the Sheraton) in Hauppauge, N.Y. which is also a pet friendly hotel.

The event will be perfect for seasoned dog trainers, those thinking of adding dog-training services to their businesses or becoming a dog trainer to attend.  It will also be great networking for other pet professionals who are looking to meet and align with dog trainers.

For the first part of the afternoon, RSVP’d attendees can check in from 12:30pm to 1pm and then from 1pm – 3pm there will be expert professional dog trainers who have are successful in the dog-training industry speaking about:

  • Bringing your Dog Training Business to the Next Level
  • Professionalism and the dog training industry (how you can improve and help the industry as a whole)!
  • Working together not against each other. :)
  • How to get and keep more business.

Speakers including: Andrea Arden of Andrea Arden Dog Training who is a successful professional dog trainer, author and TV dog expert; and Frank Bonomo of Best Friends Dog Training who has been in the professional dog-training world for years. Frank has also mentored many dog training apprentices who now have their own successful businesses.  You may have seen Andrea on the Today Show recentely, regularly on Animal Planet and more!

A big thanks to The Company of Animals for being contributors to this event.  Their dog training products are all about strengthening communication and bond between man and dog.  Their tools make training approachable and are great for trainers and pet parents.  Visit their website to learn more!

While dog trainers regularly attend our networking events, many of our dog trainers have asked for an event dedicated to just their part of the pet industry. Since dog training is also one of my passions – it is exciting to see this event come together.  The caliber of our professional speakers and roundtable experts will help everyone who comes to this event be better in their chosen profession of dog training.  One of the goals of the event is to unite many dog trainers who may have just thought of each other as competition – we all know that working together for one common cause is better, and we all want better trained dogs and better trained pet parents! ~ Nancy Hassel.

Dog training professionals and those aspiring to start in this field will learn how connect and work together with other dog trainers, to expand their businesses to the next level and become a stronger community after this event.  Just like in the dog park, we want our dogs to get along as do we want our dog trainers to learn from each other!

A networking break at 3pm to 3:30pm with food and refreshments will take place and the rest of the afternoon will be dedicated to roundtable/mastermind sessions, networking and any remaining Q&A. Registration or check in for this event is from 12:30pm – 1pm, you must be RSVP ahead of time (or extra $10 at the door and cash only at the door.)

To RSVP for this event click here!

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18 May 11

Preventing dog bites ...

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Preventing Dog Bites

As someone who has been working with dogs on nearly a daily basis since I was a kid, preventing a dog bite seems to come naturally to me, and by applying common sense to every situation with a dog in order not to get bit, has helped tremendously.  But not everyone is aware of dog body language, behavior, how to act around dogs, etc.  Recently a good friend of mine was bitten pretty badly on her hand by a Jack Russell Terrier, that flew off his property and was attacking, literally going for her Old English Bulldog’s throat.  Luckily for the Jack her bulldog didn’t react to the situation, (seriously that could have been his lunch), but my friend, the bulldog’s owner who was walking her leashed dog in a local LI neighborhood said she had to keep pushing the Jack away and got bit in the process. You can’t blame her wanting to protect her dog from being hurt in the process. This occurs more often that you would think – we only hear about attacks in the news when it involves a certain media sensationalized breed – but all and every type, size and breed of dog can bite.

This week being National Dog Bite Prevention Awareness Week, May 15 -21st, here are some tips to help the everyday dog owner:

  • Ask if you can pet the dog.  This seems like such an obvious thing to do – but not everyone asks.  How do you know the dog being walked towards you is friendly?
  • Teach your kids to ask you first if they can pet a dog – then have them ask the dog owner before they run up and pet the cute puppy coming along.  Dogs can get nervous (especially if they are not used to kids running up to them), and kids often times can be over zealous. A good rule of thumb, as the dog owner, is to instruct the kids approaching, ‘one at a time’ as they come up and pet the dog.  Also instruct them to let the dog sniff them first.  As the owner you need to watch your dogs body language – if he is backing away from the kids, trying to hide behind you, putting his hair up (hackles between should blades), or worse curls his lips or growls?  If this happens tell the children, ok thanks for petting him we are going to be on our way, and keep on walking.  Not all dogs like kids!
  • Don’t go up to strange dogs.  If you are not an expert, a dog trainer, and if you see a loose dog and want to help it, call your local animal control or animal shelter so they can send a professional out to help the dog.
  • Some dogs are food and toy guarders – meaning the may growl or lunge at you if you are near them while they are eating or playing with a toy.  This behavior can be corrected with a good dog trainer, (and that the owners actually listen to the trainers instructions!), but if you have a dog like this – the dog is warning you with that growl.  Take it seriously.  But seek out a trainer – many times an owner has helped the dog develop this bad habit unknowingly – it’s no reason to give up on a dog.
  • Teach your children and their friends not to tease or bully your dog.  They would not want to be teased, and either does a dog.  (A friend of mine years ago teased my friends dog relentlessly for years, not in a mean way, just what could be annoying to a dog and finally one day while we were all rollerblading with the dog – he was taunting her and I guess she finally had enough and chased him and bit him right in the butt! While we could not stop laughing at the time because frankly he may have deserved it, he was bleeding and she ripped his shorts.  If that was a child it would be a lot worse, needless to say he learned his lesson!)

  • A tired dog is a good dog. Many people don’t take their dogs for actual walks here on Long Island relying on just using their yard for the dog.  Dogs bond with us, learn better, get mental and much need physical exercise while on a walk.  Much more then just playing with them in your yard – try to start walking your dog more on a regular basis. You will see a huge difference.
  • Be sure to keep your dog up-to-date on their vaccinations (rabies is required by NYS law), license your dog and have regular check ups by their vet.
  • Take a dog education class.  Here on Long Island the Town of Islip offers this class for Free to anyone that wants to attend.  Dog Bite Prevention is one of the many topics covered.  More information can be found here on upcoming classes.

There are more tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website to help you and your family avoid dog bites.  Dogs are such a wonderful part of our lives, but learning how to understand them better, interact your dog (or your neighbors dog) can make a big difference in avoiding being bit and having fun with our dogs.  Dogs are not children – while we think of them as family members of course, they are still animals first, with teeth!

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17 May 11

by Nancy E. Hassel,

Festive Fun at Fido Fitness!

This coming weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 21st and May 22nd from 11am – 4pm each day, Fido Fitness Club will be hosting a ‘Grand Opening Celebration, Street Fair and Adopt-a-thon’ at their location in Woodmere, NY.  This free canine and community event will feature something for everyone in your family, from your four legged fur-kids to your two legged less furry kids.  This festive event will include activities such as: pet, craft and other vendors; pet photography; raffles; training and agility demos throughout both days, (that’s for the dogs!); Low-cost micro chipping; music; balloons and face painting for the human kids; food; animal communication and Reiki sessions; educational information by children’s emergency services and a even silent art auction to help a local dog injured in a recent tragic car accident.

Dog owners in the area and from surrounding areas are encouraged to come by and tour the new indoor dog park, meet other dog owners in the community and see what Fido Fitness Club has to offer – and maybe even adopt a new four-legged family member.  While this event is free to attend, any and all proceeds or donations from the event will go directly to Tavi & Friends a local area non-for-profit animal rescue group.

Co-owners, Ellen Adler and Evelyn Franklin, of Fido Fitness Club wanted to have an event that would be a fun community event bringing together local dog owners and their families, but also wanted to help out a local rescue group.  “We are so passionate about our dogs and all pets in general. Many of our client’s dogs were either rescued from substandard environments or adopted from shelters.  Not all dogs are as fortunate as our canine clients and have a great place to play every day with other dogs. We support Tavi and Friends rescue efforts and really wanted to find a way to help them raise much needed funds and awareness about their wonderful animal rescue group,” stated Co-Owner Evelyn Franklin. “We are so happy so many others are joining us for this weekend celebration.  There will be something for everyone that attends.”

While the event starts at 11am on Saturday, at noon there will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony by local community leaders doing the honors.

“Fido Fitness Club is a perfect fit for our neighborhood – a safe, clean environment to run and play with your dog,” said Co-Owner Ellen Adler.  “We are very much looking forward this fun filled and fur filled weekend!”

For more information on the event go to:

About Fido Fitness Club: Fido Fitness Club is a one-of-a-kind, 4000 square foot facility located in the hamlet of Woodmere, New York. Fido Fitness Club provides a safe, off-leash space for dogs to run, socialize with their owners and other dogs, and spend the day in quality monitored daycare. With easy access to the local train station, Fido Fitness Club is an ideal resource for commuters or anyone who wants to leave their dog in a safe, nurturing environment.  Founded by dog lovers Ellen Adler and Evelyn Franklin, for dog lovers, Fido Fitness Club meets the highest standards for pet-safety and support.  Dedicated to bringing out the best in every dog, Fido Fitness Club amenities are geared to the physical and emotional wellbeing of dogs. At Fido Fitness’s Dog Park, dogs can play off-leash in a safe environment and owners can feel confident that their dog is getting sufficient exercise and playtime regardless of the weather and time of day.  Creating a healthy balance between play and rest, Fido Fitness Club encourages dogs to socialize, explore their natural curiosity, and spend their time engaged in positive activities so when they return home, they are calm, confident, and eager to interact with their owners.  Owners can also view their dog while at the club by the live web cam set up.

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24 Apr 11

Tyler’s Happy Easter Tail ...

by Pamela Fitzpatrick, of YourDogWalkers,

Who rescued who?
Tyler’s “Happy Tail”

Caring for a pet has been found to have both physical and mental benefit for owners. Interacting with a dog or cat can lower blood pressure and cholesterol and decrease stress and anxiety. Pet adoption is actually a two way street – rescued animals give back so much that sometimes it can be hard to tell who rescued who.

I met Heather and Tyler at the Bayport parade in March and Heather graciously agreed to share their story. Tyler is an adorable little ball of fluff- the kind of puppy you can’t help but fall in love with instantly. He is just about 4 months old, and has lived with his new family for a little over a month.

Last fall, Heather was in a car accident which left her and her daughter seriously injured. In addition to the physical injuries, the accident was emotionally devastating, leaving them both suffering from post traumatic stress. Heather’s daughter is a twin, so her distress affected her sibling as well. Heather’s husband Michael thought that adopting a dog might provide a needed distraction and help his family heal. Preferring a puppy, Heather and Michael were both determined to adopt an animal in need.

After doing a lot of research, Michael and Heather contacted Anarchy Animal Rescue.  This group was founded in 2010 with the dual goals of facilitating pet adoption while rescuing animals suffering in puppy mills. Tyler was born in a puppy mill, and most likely would have ended up being over bred, eventually discarded when his use was finished.

Tyler was in need of a family to love, and Heather and her family needed a bright spot in a bleak time. Adopting Tyler into their family really did the trick! Heather told me how he loves to cuddle, and instantly blended right in to their routine. He greets the family every morning and rides along to take the kids to school. He is bright, and doing very well with housebreaking and obedience training for such a young dog.

What a great story! Tyler got his forever home with a loving family that really needed him too.

Please…..if you’re considering adding a dog or cat to your family, consider adoption. There are so many needy animals, young and old, purebreds and mixes, who are waiting anxiously for someone to take them home. From my own experience, I have found that rescued pets are truly grateful, it’s as if they know that you saved them. Rescue a pet, you’ll be glad you did!